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Involving Your Kids In Your Blog Business


When I overheard my 11 year old describe my job as, “getting paid to be on the computer,” I knew it was time to involve my kids in my blog a little more. Sure, they are great topics, but I wanted them to understand what I am doing online.

Why do I care if my kids know? There are several reasons, but the most important one is because I write about them on my blog sometimes. I want them to understand how I include them on my blog so they can make them choice whether they would like to be included. I often ask them if I can include a story on my blog about something they did. They should understand what that means.

The second reason is so they understand that I am built a career out of doing something I love. It is possible to create a career if you are not finding what you want working for someone else.

Here are several ways I have started to include them more in the business of my blog.

  1. Share what you do every day. Every night when we talk about what we all did during the day, I tell my family about the posts I wrote. This helps them understand how they are included in my stories.
  2. Have the kids review products. I do product reviews on my blog and if the product is for children, I let them do the review. They use the product and then we create a video and I either interview them or they just tell me about the product and I paraphrase. It is possible to create a video without showing your kids faces. I will show them using the product while they talk about it.
  3. Give your kids a blogging day. This is one that I have been trying to get my kids to do, but so far no one has really jumped on it. They see it as homework I think, but I’m not giving up. I used to hate writing and I never thought of myself as a writer. I discovered I hated writing about the topics the teachers wanted me to write about. Once I started writing about things I am passionate about, I started to love writing. I want my kids to share that love of writing (or at least not detest writing.)
  4. Turn the camera around. I am always taking pictures and filming my kids. When I am vlogging or need pictures of me using a product, I have my kids take the pictures or record the video of me.
  5. Hire your kids. My kids love to feel like they have a job to do (and get paid.) I hire them to research, scan in business cards, enter data in my database and even clean my office. They are more willing to do this when I tell them I am hiring them as I would any other employee. I give them deadlines and let them figure out how it should get done. It gives them a sense of what having a job is all about.

I work at all hours of the day from my home and involving my family is very important to me. How do you involve your kids in your blog?

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  • Nikki Katz

    I totally agree! I love having my children do reviews. I even set up a blog site for the girls and their friends to do book reviews (http://www.kidswritereviews.com). I do the actual WordPress input, but they send me all their reviews via email.

    • scrappinmichele

      Love that idea, Nikki! My son has been toying with the idea of his own blog, but he wants to do it anonymously. Blogging is such a great way for kids to learn to write about things they love.

  • Dan Safkow

    Hi Michele, please share my 11-year old’s video blog with your kid. Maybe it will provide a spark. http://www.JaxonTV.com. The experience of video blogging has provided him with many great opportunities and learnings, that will serve him well in live. And he’s made a few hundred dollars via YouTube’s Partner Program.

  • Kavya Hari

    I have no kids, so no idea about it now 🙂 But you are doing wonderful job Michele 🙂 keep doing 🙂

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