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How to Create Effective Facebook Wall Post For Your Brand


I don’t know about you, but my Facebook Wall is becoming more and more like my Twitter wall! I’m following so many people and it’s hard to filter through all of the messages from my friends and the companies I follow. So what’s a brand to do?

FacebookBuddyMedia put together a comprehensive guide around Wall posting. Their data was taken from a sample size of 200 clients that they analyzed for a two week period in February of this year. They included the largest brands across a variety of niche topics, and paid close attention to the comment rate, ‘Like’ rate, and engagement rate. Here is some of the info they have to share.

When Should You Post:
Brands that posted outside of normal business hours had 20% higher engagement rates on their posts. As for the day of the week, Thursday and Friday seemed to garner the most engagement – but varied a lot depending on the industry.

What is the Best Post Length?
Posts 80 characters or LESS had, on average, a 27% higher engagement rate than posts with over 80 characters, yet accounted for only 19% of all posts.

Should You Shorten Your URL?
Engagement rates are three times higher for posts that used a full-length URL, as opposed to a URL shortener. The guess is that the brand indicators a user normally looks for are no longer apparent in these shortened URLs.

What are the Best Keywords?
When it comes to promotions – your best off using Event, Winner, Offer, New, and Win – not things like promotion, sweepstake, or coupon.

Should I ask a Question?
Wall posts with a question at the end had a 15% higher engagement rate than questions asked elsewhere in the post!

Do you follow this advice already? Is there anything you’d change for your brand’s page? Visit BuddyMedia to pick up your free copy of the results for even more information!


  • Lysa Saavedra

    Great post, Niki. I like useful info to share with my fans and followers. I think the URL shortener fact is really interesting. I try to mix it up when I post on my FB wall but I’ll have to track it more closely to see if it applies to me.

  • Shane Laing

    Interesting that Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to post. I wonder if that’s due to minds beginning to wander and surfing more while at work – as they head into the weekend? People are endlessly fascinating aren’t they? Thanks for the great post!

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