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Writing and Distributing the ‘Social Media Release’


In researching press releases this morning I stumbled on the term ‘Social Media Release’ – something I’d never heard before but have definitely seen.

What is a Social Media Release:
It’s a press release that further takes advantage of social media – including links and multimedia elements to a traditional news press release. This makes it easier for journalists, bloggers, and readers to further explore the press release and easily find more information. The concept originated from Tom Foremski’s 2006 post, Die Press Release, Die Die Die. He called the traditional press release useless and challenged the PR industry to rethink its strategies.

Why A Social Media Release?
You use these for the same reasons as a traditional press release – to announce news and get attention for your business, website, or blog.

What’s the Difference Between a Social Media Release and a Traditional Press Release:

  • You will use links within your text to further direct your reader to areas of your website.
  • You will use bullet points lists (a clearer way to itemize content online, but something not common to the traditional press release).
  • You will use keyword optimization and a clear SEO rich title.
  • You will include your social media links as well as links to any social media bookmarking sites.
  • You will embed videos or other multimedia links.

How do You Distribute a Social Media Release?
Many people distribute them just as they would a traditional press release service online. If you do this, Serena Ehrlich of ZDNet suggests you include the following information in the release, right before the About Us section:

  • Downloadable, print quality photos available Here (and link to your Photobucket or Company Flickr account with logos and photos)
  • Videos available Here (and link to your Company Youtube page with training videos, interviews, etc)
  • Supporting materials and product specs available Here (and link to your page of document hosting).

Another option is to create your own page or blog post with your release, and encourage others to repost it or to contact you further. Or use a website like PitchEngine that encourages pitches over press releases!

For more information on Social Media Releases:


  • Kavya Hari

    Hello Nikki, it’s one of the best directions to make your own pages with the great support :). And, it has differences between Social media Releases and Traditional Press Releases. Thank you so much 🙂

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