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Do you have an idea for a new mobile app, website, or anything else technology driven? You may be able to gather funds at Kickstarter! Kickstarter is a website focused on bringing together creative projects and sponsors. While it seems to be heavy on the art side (artists, filmmakers, musicians, and authors all have posted ideas on the site) – there is also a section slated for technology.

The premise of Kickstarter is that it’s a new way to fund creative projects using a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands – allowing for less risk for everyone involved. Projects must also provide rewards for purchase levels. This can involve being mentioned in the project acknowledgements, receiving a sample of the completed item, and more!

Examples of recent funded projects include:

A History of the Future in 100 Objects:
Pitch: I want to write a weblog that will explore all of these ideas, with 100 posts for 100 objects. Along the way I’ll produce a newspaper and a podcast, and when it’s finished, I’ll publish it as a book. And while it’ll be fun and accessible, you can be sure it’ll all be rooted in science fact.
Pledges: Allowed supporters to be in the acknowledgments and receive free access to the podcast, ebook, and book.

Pitch: Newsgrape is a milestone in blogging and online-journalism and sets new standards in reach, revenue-possibilities, reading-experience, multilingualism, news-distribution and quality-assurance. Unlike link-directories, aggregators and feed-readers, Newsgrape operates on a user-friendly, clear and easy to use interface that combines all available features with new innovations and creates a superior news community.
Pledges: Allowed supporters to demo the product on completion, receive guest invites, and even get cool clothing 🙂

iPhone Walking Tour App for NYC’s Upper West Side:
Pitch: LANDMARK WEST! wants to take the amazing history surrounding us and put it all together into the first ever iPhone app tour of the Upper West Side. It’s an exciting new way to experience architecture and history! And with your help, we can do it!
Pledges: Allowed supporters to have their name on the donor list or even on the app itself.

New Media Elective Class:
Pitch: NEXMAP and June Jordan School for Equity have teamed up to offer a dynamic 14-week course as a 70-minute elective block during regular school hours.
Pledges: Allowed supporters to have their name on the donor list or join them for the final presentation.

Do you have a great idea, or do you want to support other creative types with great ideas? Hop on over to Kickstarter and browse through the projects or submit your own.

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