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Online Marketers Take Note: Over 270k People Want a Petite Lap Giraffe!


Want to know if a product is going to sell before you even produce it? Get the product on a commercial, create a (fake) online component, and have fans sign up on the waiting list! At least that’s what Sokoblovsky Farms is offering with their Petite Lap Giraffe – and they’re going strong at over 270,000 interested customers.

Of course, you can’t tell if that number is truly accurate. A fan clicks on the button and doesn’t provide any further information! So, I’d suggest if you go this route, you actually have someone sign up 🙂

I’ve seen this website in my social media streams several times today, and I can see why. I’d certainly consider having an adorable mini giraffe in my house (actually I’d rather a mini panda I think). And it seems legitimate. The website has a streaming video (that appears to be on a loop) and some amazing photoshopped images of little giraffes in the palm of someone’s hand and in a bathtub. But the real kicker is the commercial.

The petite lap giraffe is featured in two commercials for DirectTV starring Timothy V. Murphy – and it seems there was such interest in the tiny sidekick, they decided to take the adorable running giraffe and add its own online component.

You never know what aspect of your marketing people are going to latch onto … so it’s always worth staying on top of your campaigns!



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