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Overheard on #Blogchat: The Formula for Success (@crafterminds)


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This Week’s Theme: Open Mic!

Open mic nights always spawn tons of different conversations, covering topics that range from building community to mobile blogging. This week was no different, but one of the tweets I found to be important to all bloggers was this one:

crafterminds: There is no one formula to blogging success. It’s different for everyone!

After a year and a half ago, I put on my serious face when it came to blogging. I had been blogging a long time for clients (doing just the writing part and a little promotion), but my own blogging ventures never really went anywhere because I didn’t know much about making a blog work from a business standpoint. So, I started to read other blogs about blogging with gusto, invest in online courses about blogging, and buy books covering topics like building traffic making more money.

It was frustrating. Many of the things other bloggers weren’t working for me. And then there were the matter of the conflicting information. The advice that popular bloggers were giving me didn’t always match up – but how could it all be right? Or was none of it right? Or…what…?

In other words, I was confused, and I wasn’t actually doing any better as a blogger than I was doing on my own.

So I threw it all out the window and started over. I did what I wanted to do. And what I realized was probably the most important thing I learned since I started this whole “learn about professional blogging” thing: You have to do what is right for your blog, regardless of what other bloggers tell you do.

I do realize that I’m saying this as someone who blogs about blogging advice here at BlogWorld. It’s not that I think that you shouldn’t listen to any advice. A lot of bloggers give really awesome advice. The key is to think critically. I’ve said it before here in other posts, but it is worth repeating over and over. Don’t just blindly follow advice because someone you respect is giving it out. No piece of advice will be perfect for every single blogger out there.

And think about it – when is the last time someone became a truly great blogger by following the advice of other people?

Thanks, @crafterminds, for the reminder how important it is to really think about the advice we take.

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