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Using YouTube Moderator as a PR/Marketing Tool


Do you have your own YouTube channel? Have you used YouTube Moderator? If not, it may be worth checking out.

The tool, only available on channel pages, allows viewers to answer a question or participate in the conversation – with other viewers voting to push select comments to the top of the list.

Moderator allows any YouTube user to collect commentary, questions, or ideas on your YouTube channel and watch the best ones rise to the top. It’s easy – you bring a group of people together on a topic of your choice, and leverage their collective wisdom to vote on the best video and text submissions. You can respond to individual submissions, or the entire conversation, in a one-to-many dialogue.

You can use YouTube Moderator in a variety of ways as a PR/Marketing tool…

  • Gather comments/reviews on a new product/service. Create a video showcasing the product and ask for thoughts/inputs/ideas.
  • Gather questions for an interview. Obtain the most pressing questions for your executive staff or key personnel in your company.
  • Run a Contest. Create a contest based around creating slogans, taglines, asking the best question, and more.
  • Run a Promotion. Add a viral element to your promotion, enticing the audience to participate and vote.
  • Obtain New Content. Entice your followers to submit content, advice, or tips on your service.

How would you use YouTube Moderator?

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