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Top Apps to Prevent You From Social Media Blunders (aka Drunk Tweeting)


It seems like it’s becoming easier and easier to be socially responsible. All you have to do is install apps that refuse to let you make social media blunders when you’re impaired. Seems like a good idea in theory, although I have to wonder if it takes away some personal responsibility. “Ooops, sorry, my app wasn’t functioning correctly.

If you truly feel you need an app to stop you from drunk tweeting, texting, or updating your Facebook wall … well here’s the list for you!

  • NIMBY (No Intoxicated Messaging By You). When you go to send an email or tweet, the app prompts you to complete one of three tests within 30 seconds. If you can’t finish in time, you can’t send the message! Here’s a demo:


  • Bad Decision Blocker. Stops you from calling, texting or emailing contacts in your address book you add to black list. The app places the chosen contacts into a “vault” for a predetermined period of time.
  • Don’t Dial. This app gives you two options – you can lock away contacts for a specified period of time (up to 24 hours), or you can give a designated friend a password to enter before you’re allowed to contact them

And now, if you forget to use your apps and DO take to Twitter and Facebook while drunk, you can now erase those messages. Last Night Never Happened is simple to use. You type in the time you started drinking, and the app deletes all messages from that time until the time you run the program (or a time you specify).

Of course, my suggestions are much easier (and free!). Leave your phone at home. Or drink responsibly 🙂


  • Jason Mathews

    There has not really been any more developments in the last few years and this problem is only getting worse with the amount of smart phones out there now. Though i have heard there will be a new app released within weeks that will cover every problem – all social media, all apps, calls, texts, emails. And apparently its not just taking the cheap shortcut option of just hiding contacts or whatever. Anyway keep an eye out for it, it’s called “Drunk Detector” i think. Maybe only for Android…

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