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Ask the Notables: What’s Your Least Favorite Thing About Blogging?


This week’s Ask the Notable question …

What’s Your Least Favorite Thing About Blogging?

Don’t forget – we consider YOUR answers to be notable too – so jump on in and answer the question with a comment below!

C.C. Chapman
C.C. Chapman

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Chris Garrett

The snarky, abusive, trollish types who attack and criticise rather than create and contribute

Jason Falls
Social Media Explorer

That most other bloggers only want to talk about how cool their blog is or what so-and-so said on Twitter. Blogging is a creative outlet and a business tool for me. It’s not my life. It shouldn’t be theirs.

Jeremy Wright

Actually doing the writing hah.

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

That I never seem to have the time to do it as well/often as I would like.

Zac Johnson

I really hate when I find myself lacking on posts or having a hard time trying to find a good topic to write about. Some blogs write a few times per day, while others write a few times a month. As hard as I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to successfully blog everyday. I don’t want to try and push crap content, so I focus on publishing new posts every other day, while keeping the quality and content high.

Next Week: Where do you blog from (house, Starbucks, office, park … wherever!)?


  • Doug Wojtczak

    I hate when I spend too much time trying to make my post perfect instead of just getting it done with and posting it.

  • Marianne Hobbs

    I get so many ideas as I go about my day, but I have a difficult time finding time to get them all to blog form so don’t get posts out as frequently as I would like.

  • sarah (GenMom)

    Trying to find pictures for every post. I finally gave up on that. Now, I just use a picture if I happen to have the right one for the content.

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