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24 Brilliant Bloggers Talk about RSS


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This Week’s Topic: RSS

I have a love/hate relationship with RSS. I absolutely love that there’s an easy way to distribute content automatically. I personally absolutely hate using feed readers (which is why I rigged Twitter to serve as a feed reader). Love or hate this method of reading blogs, if you want to be a successful blogger yourself, you need to understand RSS – at least some of your readers are going to use it and, even more importantly, how to get more subscribers. Let’s see what some brilliant bloggers have to say about this topic.

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

11 Ways to Get More RSS Subscribers by Brett Borders

There are a lot of articles that give you tips for attracting RSS subscribers – but of all that I’ve read, this is my favorite. In general, the tips in this post will make you a better blogger – getting more RSS subscribers is just an added benefit! After checking out the post, make sure you follow Brett on Twitter @brettborders.

53 Best Practices How To Attract RSS Subscribers by Dainis Graveris

This post isn’t the typical tips post about writing attractive posts – it includes 53 mini case studies of RSS buttons. Function + Appearance = Great Design, and if you’re not sure how you can spruce up your RSS button beyond the traditional orange box, this post can give you lots of ideas. Don’t forget to follow Dainis on Twitter @1stwebdesigner.

15 simple proven tips to prevent losing rss subscribers by Hirfan Khan

Once you have RSS subscribers, you have to keep them! Attracting tons of subscribers is no good if they only unsubscribe a day or two later. In this post, you’ll get lots of tips for keeping your subscribers interested and avoiding any of the major downfalls that could cause your readers to unsubscribe rather quickly. The WAH Blogger on Twitter @thewahblogger.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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