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How Does Firefox 4 Affect Blogs and Bloggers?


As an avid Firefox user, I’m thrilled for the release of Firefox 4 today!! So how does it impact you as a blogger or social media expert?

Firefox 4 Speed:
It’s fast. Firefox says it’s 6 times faster in fact … which means two things. You can get your work done faster (research, blogging, social media online, and more). And, if your readers were using an older version of Firefox, they’ll get your content faster too!

Supports HTML5 and Web Apps:
Firefox 4 now supports a variety of HTML5 and other modern Web apps. By visiting the Web O’ Wonder page you can test out the ability to view 360 degree videos, animations, etc. These were already available in other browsers, but now Firefox is up to speed … and you can now see them if you implemented them on your blog.

Tab Grouping:
You can now group tabs and see them in a thumbnail view (panorama) for easier task management (a huge plus for me since I invariably have 10+ tabs open at a time!) If you have multiple blogs or jobs you’re working on – this is perfect for staying on task and keeping organized. You can also sync tabs and browsers across to mobile browsers.

Did you download Firefox 4 and what do you think?



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