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#BWENY Update: Speakers and Speaker Proposals


Our first BlogWorld East conference is moving along smoothly but quickly. As you can imagine, we have a lot to plan in a very short time. We don’t take our educational content lightly, so we thank you for your continued patience as we go through all the speaker proposals.

If you’re going to be submitting a proposal, I’d like to submit a few tips based on past experience and what’s come in so far.


Most of the proposals we receive so far are top notch.  I just sent a batch for approval and hope to get a lot more done this week and next. There will also be a batch of denials sent out, mostly for kind of silly reasons.

Don’t be lazy

Some potential speakers want us to work on their proposal for them. They give us the bullets of their areas of expertise and ask us to put something together for them based on that. I also had a couple of  speakers who worked out decent enough proposals but didn’t really care if the session was a panel or solo session. When we pick a proposal we want to know that the idea was researched thoroughly, you have a good idea of what you’re going to talk about and how you’re going to put it all together, and if it’s a panel, you’ll even know what speakers you’d like to have on board. In essence, the less work you make us do for your proposal, the happier we’ll be. When you pitch a topic and say “I don’t care if it’s a solo session or panel as long as I get to speak” it better be the best.idea.ever for us to want to coordinate it all for you.

Also, if you’re pitching a panel make sure all speakers have agreed. Don’t say, “I was thinking Brian Solis could do this with me” if you never even approached Brian about speaking on your panel.


As the typo queen, I understand typing mistakes and errors. However, we received some proposals this year that I just couldn’t read. A couple had so many misspellings it was impossible to understand what they were trying to say. Another was so rambling, I have no idea what it was about. Please proofread. I get that we all make mistakes, but I also feel there’s a limit.

Avoid going for shock value

When choosing a title for your proposal, try not to be insulting or playing to stereotypes. Most important, don’t insinuate attendees lack intelligence because they’re not doing things your way or don’t incorporate certain methods or tools.

The problem with making it about you

I have problems making it about the “I.” When a speaker makes it about “I” all the time, the attendees can’t make it relate to “them,” If you’re pitching a case study or story based on your success, try to present it in a way that applies to everyone and not just you.

Some Trends

What are this year’s trends in speaker proposals? Check it out:

More solo presentations

Normally, we have more panels than solo presentations, but not this year. This kind of scares me because I wonder if there were more panels but the presenters didn’t indicate multiple speakers on the form. If you pitched a panel, you may want to go back to your speaker proposal form to make sure we know you pitched a panel and that all speakers are present an accounted for. Now, if there are fewer panels, this isn’t a bad thing at all as many attendees felt we had too many panels this year. It works for us either way, it’s just that there’s a noticeable difference this year.

Most pitched topics

This year’s most pitched topics were traffic, SEO and measurement. The traffic and SEO thing is interesting to me, because we didn’t have many of these proposals last year. The measurement proposals didn’t surprise me at all.

One speaker, lots of proposals

Another trend this year is for one speaker to send in a whole bunch of proposals. WE’re not fans of this. We’d rather receive one or two very strong proposals, than a whole bunch of quickly put together proposals.

Tracks and Track Leaders

Below are the tracks that you’ll see at BlogWorld East (with a couple to be added later), along with the track leaders who are helping to put them together. If you have ideas or questions for those tracks, please contact the track leaders.

We will also be presenting the following tracks:

  • Content creation
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Publishing
  • Tribes and Community
  • Distribution
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • New Media 101

UPDATE: Since posting this list I’ve received an avalanche of email from folks requesting to be track leaders. For smaller tracks, we’re not necessarily looking for track leaders and they’re easy enough to handle on my own. It’s the nichiest stuff that requires outside expertise. Thanks to all who are offering, it’s so nice of you to want to help!

Approved Speakers

So far, the following speakers have been approved for BlogWorld East:

Keynotes (so far)

Please stay tuned because we’re going to be approving and adding speakers at a rapid-fire pace from here on in. I’ll also have the interactive schedule up soon so you can check back at your convenience to see which speakers have been added.

Questions? Comments? Give me a jingle here or via email at deb@blogworldexpo.com


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