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YouTube Person Finder Helps Connect Missing People in Japan


Last week YouTube launched Person Finder – a channel that aggregates video messages from those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Their goal is to process and add more than 80 video messages shot at shelters by TBS (a major television station). They plan to increase the videos by adding content from other stations and also individual videos.

The site links to the Google Person Finder (2011 Japan Earthquake) (which also launched last week) and together they hope to bring families back together. You can search by entering the names of a missing person, the name of the place they lived, or the name of the shelter locations.

The search box only supports the Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana character sets used in Japan.


  • jasika marshel

    This really very best things to finding people and this good for japan to finding missing people .
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  • Domain Registration India

    Japan has been struggling from a tragedy and i think this is really great effort from Google.Hope it would be help to find missing peoples in Japan.

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