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Ask the Notables: What Was Your First Blog?


This week’s Ask the Notable question …

What Was Your First Blog?

Don’t forget – we consider YOUR answers to be notable too – so jump on in and answer the question with a comment below!

Amy Lupold Bair
Resourceful Mommy Media

My first blog that was called a blog was ResourcefulMommy.com, but I remember creating a Geocities page in the summer of 1997. Ahhh, Geocities…

C.C. Chapman
C.C. Chapman

Same one I have today except it started out being called Reality Bitchslap. Started on July 2, 2002

Chris Garrett

It is a matter of some debate and depends on your definition because I blogged before there was a thing called blogging 🙂

Back in the mid-90s I had a website about science fiction (TV shows like Star Trek, Dr Who, Red Dwarf etc) that was reverse chronological
and allowed people to comment so I guess it was that. I didn’t start a personal diary type site until 1998 when I felt I had something to
write about (we got married, I started a new job, and was trying for a baby).

Jason Falls
Social Media Explorer

An old newspaper column that I self-published because the paper I wrote for didn’t have a website. It was called “Falls, off the Rocker.” The URL now points to my personal blog where I still get frisky from time to time but mostly just post pictures of my kids.

Jay Baer
Convince & Convert

This is my first blog, although I wrote magazine columns for more than a decade before starting Convince & Convert.

Jeremy Wright

Oh wow, I don’t even remember the domain! In 2002 I started a b2evolution blog (pre WordPress) and it was basically me trying to get my thoughts out of my head. But it was too scattered and didn’t make any sense and the responsibility of blogging burned me out. It wasn’t until teaming up with Aaron Brazell (@technosailor) and others that my current (largely dormant these days) blog at Ensight.org came to life – it started out (2003) as a group blog focused just on the intersection of business and technology.

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

All I’ll say is it was on Blogger and it was 2004. Since archived.

Zac Johnson

My first blog is my most important blog, ZacJohnson.com. I started the blog on St. Patricks day in 2007, and have been focusing on it’s growth ever since.

Next Week: What is your favorite thing about blogging?


  • Amy Parmenter

    My first blog is The ParmFarm.com!! And I don’t know whether I am hoping it will be my one and only…if there will be spinoffs… There are many projects in the works… and it is evolving….stay tuned! :0)

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