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  • mindy

    These are great marketing and income streaming ideas. I’ve just discovered your site and plan on spending the day reading your articles and learning. One of my blogs, is used solely as a writer’s journey thing, but my other blogs are intended for business and building them up as income streams and affiliate marketing avenues is my new goal. We authors don’t utilize the income aspects of blogging yet, but as it becomes increasingly difficult to get published and then to make any money, I believe we will begin to look toward blogs as income potential. Thanks! Mindy Halleck, Seattle WA

  • RevResponse

    Hi Nikki,

    One more tip I’d add is to offer an eBook or another resource users would find valuable as an added incentive to signup for the newsletter. I’ve had great success using it on my blog. I even switch it up every now and then based on my popular posts.

    Another RSS to Email tool you may be interested is offered by RevResponse.com (Disclaimer: I work there). It’s free to use and also monetizes newsletters as well. It features custom templates, frequency options and everything you mention above. The difference is we add relevant offers (e.g. we would seamlessly include a blogging PDF for a marketing blog) and when a qualified user downloads it, the user can make $1.50 to $20. Check it out and let us know what you think. We released it a few months ago and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

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