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Ask the Notables: What Kind of Car Do You Drive?


This week’s Ask the Notable question …

What Kind of Car Do You Drive?

Don’t forget – we consider YOUR answers to be notable too – so jump on in and answer the question with a comment below!

The responses (and not everyone responded to every question – so you may see some different people next week!) in alphabetical order are:

Amy Lupold Bair
Resourceful Mommy Media

I actually drive my mom’s hand me down mini van! It is ten years old and gray. However, I do still have my first car from when I was 16, a silver anniversary Mustang convertible. It is in storage all winter long, but I do have it here at the house from spring to fall. That car was the subject of my second blog post. Picture here!

C.C. Chapman
C.C. Chapman

2010 Ford Flex. I’m not a car guy, but this was the car we needed that can hold my family, our dog AND everything we need for a weekend away. Picture here!

Chris Garrett

Ugh, will get back to you when our car situation is settled – the government of Canada still thinks I am a hobo because my paperwork is
still in flux. Once I have a credit rating then I will be able to answer 😉

Jason Falls
Social Media Explorer

A 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. I was featured in the summer 2010 edition of Das Auto, even.

Jeremy Wright

Car? CAR?! Haha! No, the new motorcycle (finally arriving just after SxSW) is a Yamaha FJR-1300AE, kind of like this one (attached). It’s a perfect mix of power, speed and comfort (for those road trips to Chicago for WordCamp and SOBCon). There are few feelings more zen than a nice roadtrip on a great bike.

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

Ford Flex [client]

Zac Johnson

My first car was a 97 Ford Explorer, then I upgraded to a brand new 2000 Ford Mustang, then I really upgraded to my dream car a few years ago with a 2007 Hummer H2. What’s next?…. I don’t know. I always wanted a Hummer H2 and not looking for anything else for the time being.

Next Week: What was your first blog?


  • Scott Monty

    Great to see all of the Ford’s appearing in the posts above! I’m currently in a Lincoln MKS, but my next car will be the 2012 Ford Focus (which appeared at BlogWorld Expo last year).

  • Paul Richards

    2011 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost. Got it in August and will most likely stick with it for quite a few years down the road.

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    2011 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost. I took it in August and is likely to stick with it for a few years away.

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