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Facebook Updates the Like Button – More Prominent On Your Wall


Facebook has released an update to the “Like” button that definitely changes the way it appears on your wall. Instead of just including a link in your recent activity (buried among a ton of other links) Liking a page/link/video will put the full story with headline, blurb, and thumbnail on your wall!

Facebook has slowly been rolling out updates to its Like button and stopped developing the Share Button – which probably means it will be phased out altogether. Since Facebook debuted the Like button last spring at the f8 conference, it has definitely grown in popularity. Inside Facebook noted that an initial 2.5 million sites integrated the button, and by August, 350,000 more sites had added the Like feature.

For me personally, this doesn’t change how frequently I’ll be hitting “Like”. If I’m interested in promoting an item to my followers, I’m fine with it being bigger and better. It’s sort of like using the Retweet button! But I’m curious to know – will this impact how and what you choose to Like around the web?

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