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Ask the Notables: Where Would You Buy a Second Home?


This week’s Ask the Notable question …

If you could buy a second (or third or fourth) home anywhere – where would it be and why?

Don’t forget – we consider YOUR answers to be notable too – so jump on in and answer the question with a comment below!

The responses (and not everyone responded to every question – so you may see some different people next week!) in alphabetical order are:

Amy Lupold Bair
Resourceful Mommy Media

If I could buy a second home anywhere, I’d have a tough time choosing between two locations. I’ve always wanted to restore an old farm house and would love to buy a farm in rural Pennsylvania where I grew up. We live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and there is just nothing like being able to run around on acres of open land. The other location would be Orlando, Florida. My family and I have more than just a little Walt Disney World addiction, so it would be a great investment for us to own a home there rather than always staying at the house of mouse.

C.C. Chapman
C.C. Chapman

I’d love to have a cabin in White Mountains of New Hampshire and and another in the hills of Sedona, Arizona. I’m a complete chill out in the woods sort of guy so while everyone else is buying beach front property I’d rather be in the woods.

Chris Garrett

Melbourne Australia and Antibes, South of France

I live in my first choice since we just emigrated to Canada, but I loved visiting Australia and most of our summer vacations were spent in the south of France

Jason Falls
Social Media Explorer

Within walking distance of PNC Park in Pittsburgh. I can’t help it. I love the Pirates.

Jeremy Wright

Holy Island, in England. It’s that place I go in my head when I’m too stressed or just need to breathe. The entire island, community, history and area calms me down completely, so having a house overlooking the ocean would be killer!

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

Paris – it is such a livable, wonderful city and I have come to realize that I am quite French in my feelings about food – nothing makes me angrier than something that is not well prepared. Don’t confuse that with complexity, however – it’s about the best ingredients, thoughtfully brought together.

Zac Johnson

I’ve always said I’d like to live in the internet hot spots within our country (NY, CA or FL). I currently live in NJ, so NY is just an hour away. CA and FL are always nice to visit, but I wouldn’t mind having another home in a tropical climate, right near a crystal clear beach.

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