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BlogWorld & New Media Expo Is Moving To Los Angeles


We have been hinting at big news for weeks now and we are glad to finally be able to share it with you. BlogWorld & New Media Expo West will be held in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center this November 3 – 5 2011.

For those interested in the long version of why we decided to move to Los Angeles and leave Las Vegas you can read more at the bottom of this post. In short we love Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas. We never thought we would leave but the folks at MB just did not have the space we needed to hold the show there this year so we had to look at other options.

We had two cities on our short list; San Diego and Los Angeles. Being born and raised in Americas Finest City, San Diego was my first choice. We saw the two cities having different distinct advantages. San Diego is the city everyone wants to visit, the downtown area is amazing, the convention center is right on the bay and the weather is always perfect. Another positive for San Diego was that it was close to LA.

LA on the other hand is the center of the Music, TV, and Film industries in North America, has a population of more than 10 million people and the largest population of bloggers, podcasters and other new media content creators in the country. It was the obvious logical choice from a business perspective. We have always attracted new media savvy individuals from traditional music, film and tv but by being in Los Angeles (and New York) we are going to see that participation increase significantly. That means more opportunities for content creators.

The drawback to Los Angeles was quite honestly the downtown LA area. At least that was our perception. Boy were we wrong!

We were blown away by our first site visit to Los Angeles. I have attended numerous events at the LA Convention Center including NAMM, E3 and the LA Auto Show. Honestly I always thought the convention center was great but there was nothing to do once you left the building. That has changed drastically! Downtown Los Angeles is being revitalized. The multi-billion dollar L.A. Live entertainment complex is directly adjacent to the convention center. Several of the downtown hotels have just undergone multi million dollar renovations in order to compete with the new J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels (they are beautiful btw). There are tons of new restaurants, shopping, parks and just cool city stuff that you (at least I) had never imagined of when I thought of Los Angeles. Oh and don’t forget the food trucks.

To sum it up we think all of you are going to find more business opportunities than ever and those of you unfamiliar with Los Angeles are in for a real pleasant surprise.

We would love to hear what you think of the news and welcome any suggestions you might have about how we can make this our best event yet.

Now if you want to know more about what led to this huge decision, read on.

It really started due to logistics. The space at Mandalay Bay was absolutely perfect. The conference sessions and exhibit space were conveniently located side by side, the space was the perfect size and Mandalay Bay is an amazing property. We knew we would need more space in 2011 and that meant we had to move to a different area inside Mandalay Bay. At first our friends at MB told us they didn’t have any space for us but they worked hard to try and accommodate us. They were able to offer us some space eventually but the conference rooms were far removed from the exhibit area. We tried to come up with a creative solution that would make this work for our attendees and exhibitors but simply couldn’t figure out a way to make it work.Β  Of course we looked at other venues in Las Vegas first but we still couldn’t find a workable combination of dates and space. So that made us ask ourselves, if we can’t hold the event here, where would the next BlogWorld be?

Why not San Francisco?

We have discussed San Francisco several times and we love the city but in the end we think San Francisco has the perception of being a technology city and if we were to ever move there, we would have to fight the perception that we were a technology conference and we are not. BlogWorld’s primary focus is content.


  • Ryan

    Love that the conference is moving to Vegas and YAY for Food Trucks. Nutrition on 4 Wheels is my favorite!

  • Kevin Richardson


    Thanks for sharing the news and the process for the decision. What I appreciate most is the focus on the attendee experience. Where events happen do matter and have to fit within the core values of the organization holding the meeting. This is a terrific example of that attendee experience focus paying off.

    I look forward to meeting you at BlogWorld West in November.


    • Rick Calvert

      Thanks Kevin. We completely agree. The overall experience is very important to our community. Our industry is so new that people really need as much time as possible to network and meet each other. We need to provide opportunities that help make that happen.

      • Kevin Richardson

        It seems impossible (but true) that the industry is “so new”. In some ways new media seems so mature…in others so infantile. Still lots of room to learn, grow and shape the industry.

        • Rick Calvert

          We are definitely in the “toddlers taking baby steps” phase. We have a long very fun and interesting ride ahead of us. 10 years from now we will not recognize the media landscape.

  • Derek Overbey

    This is very cool Rick. I’m really stoked that it is going to be in LA this year. I’m originally from Orange County so it provides a reason to go back home while attending one of the most awesome events on my yearly schedule.

  • Tim Biden

    Finally, a conference that’s local. I’m going simply to support a local Los Angeles con.

    Big thanks to all of you who chose to host the con in LA. See you there!

  • Michael Dorausch

    Rick… LA on the other hand is the center of the ADIO Chiropractic, Music, TV, and Film industries. πŸ™‚

    Marking my calendar and looking forward to showing Los Angeles to so many of my internet friends. You guys rock!

  • Aaron Hockley

    While I’m not a fan of Los Angeles for a variety of reasons ($$, smog, the LAX “experience”) I’m going to trust that you’re making these decisions that will hopefully result in a better experience overall for the attendees.

    I’ll be there again this year – I’ve always found BlogWorld to be about connections with lots of really smart people, and we can do that regardless of venue.

    • Rick Calvert

      Thank you Aaron. We do not take your faith in us lightly. We are going to do everything we can to deliver the experience and value you deserve. Being born and raised in San Diego I was born hating Los Angeles for many of the same reasons you mentioned. We were honestly very surprised by all of the changes in downtown LA. The convention center is great. Their are several great hotels like the Millennium Biltmore that are going to be great for evening networking. There are tons of great restaurants and entertainment options in walking distance. We think are attendees are going to have a great experience beyond the official show hours.

    • Michael Dorausch

      Dude, if you have not been downtown, you’ll want to do a photowalk. Incredible opportunities. Look forward to seeing you in LA.

    • Amber Avines

      Aaron, you should consider skipping LAX altogether and fly into Burbank if you can. It’s just as close to downtown (probably closer!) and much less congested. A far better travel experience if you can swing it.

      • Aaron Hockley

        Thanks for the Burbank tip – I’ll have to look into that. I’m willing to pay a few extra dollars to avoid the monstrosity that is LAX

    • The Frosty

      Guess you’ve got to come down here now. Hopefully twice, because WordCampLA is a month before, but I’ll be sure to keep it close to LAX πŸ˜‰

      I did come up to Portland did I not?

  • Trisha Miller

    Smart move – I also love Las Vegas and it’s inexpensive and easy to get to, but L.A. is a great city and has much to offer as well, so I’m really looking forward to November!

  • Mike Dell

    Love the idea. I LOVE Vegas, but it didn’t seem right to be doing “work” in Vegas. Now I can go to Vegas and Play and got work in LA πŸ™‚


  • Nathalie Lussier

    This is exciting news! πŸ™‚ I think LA has a lot to offer, and I’m looking forward to getting some green juice, and focusing in on all that amazing content creation!

  • Mike Stenger

    Great news guys. Been wanting to hit up Cali this year and looks like BlogWorld West will be it

    • Rick Calvert

      Thanks Mike, but you are going to need a more Cali kind of hat for this one 8)

      • Heather in BC

        As much as we all LOVED that fugly hat on Mike in LV, you’re right Rick – Mike will need to be a little more savoir faire in LA – lol. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

  • Annette

    Being from L.A. and getting out to Vegas for BlogWorld, plus all the associated expenses with being in Vegas (I blog for fun, not money) … this is fantastic! It’s more than likely I will be at BlogWorld this year.

    • Rick Calvert

      We did it just for you Annette 8). Well and all the other bloggers, podcasters, internet radio and TV broadcasters and the other 10 million people living in Los Angeles =p.

  • zane aveton

    Oh, I love this. Blogworld East NYC and Blogworld in LA. Bi-coastal awesome. Thanks for the update and explanation ~ and for saving my shoes from all that las vegas “oh it’s just next door” walking.


  • Lawrence

    This is great news! Downtown L.A has changed a lot in recent years and fortunately people are finally starting to notice. There are some great venues and entertainment options, not to mention great dining and Metro access to areas like Hollywood, Koreatown, and Pasadena. I think this will be a great conference!

  • Joseph Morin

    Looking forward to BlogWorld LA! Great seeing you last week Rick. I guess if people want the Vegas experience there’s always PubCon πŸ™‚ But super interested in seeing what you throw at us this year both in New York and LA – I understand there will be some star studded surprises πŸ˜‰

  • Brigham Yen

    I write a blog here in LA about Pasadena and can’t wait to attend BlogWorld!

    You guys are so right that Downtown LA has changed so much over the past decade! It’s now fun and terribly interesting! hehe

  • Aileen| kaizen vision

    Great choice! Downtown LA has had quite a resurgence – not what it used to be. It’s a brilliant choice for Blog World.
    Thanks for sharing your decision making process πŸ™‚

  • Jenna Langer

    While any excuse to go to Vegas is a good one, I’m pretty happy about this. Closer to SF and maybe I’ll actually have my voice all three days! It’s always fun exploring a new city. Looking forward to the event, and hoping to make it to NYC as well!

  • Ricardo Bueno

    I’m from Los Angeles (born and raised). With the exception of traffic (heh), it really is a great city. I’m sad to see Blogworld & New Media Expo leave Las Vegas but I welcome you all to LA with open arms πŸ™‚ If you need a tour-guide, just give me a holler. I’m happy to help with anything you all need!

  • Amber Avines

    Welcome to our fine city, Rick! I’m absolutely delighted that BlogWorld is coming to LA! I’m so there!

    As I mentioned to Aaron in his comment above, I’d be sure people know Burbank is a great hub to fly into if they can. It’s a great little airport and far less stressful. Just about 20 minutes from downtown.

    And, let me know if you need any local people on the ground to help. I’m near downtown and happy to lend a hand scouting places or coordinating things. See, LA people CAN be friendly despite popular belief! πŸ˜‰

    Welcome to LA, BlogWorld Expo!

    • Rick Calvert

      Its a good tip Amber. Folks can also fly into Long Beach, John Wayne and Ontario. All of them are a little farther away but they are great little airports and you can good some great deals there.

  • Jeremy Vaught

    You say Mandalay Bay is too small, but why was the conference moved there from the conference center anyway? There are some pretty big conferences held there.

    Hopefully this won’t be the New Media Expo CA->NV in reverse. πŸ™‚

    Should be interesting!

    • Rick Calvert

      I should clarify Jeremy. The space we were in at Mandalay Bay was too small. The entire MB convention center is massive but we were only in a very small part of it called the “North Convention Center”. It was a great location for us last year. Everything was close by but we used every inch of it. In fact if you were at the show on Thursday and you went to the networking luncheon then you saw we had to go around a corner, up an escalator, and down a very long hall way to get to the lunch area. Lots of people got lost. Lots of others never made it there.

      We would have had to move into another area of the MB space called hall Shorelines B for the exhibits which is a massive space. Plenty of room for our exhibitors and then some. But the conference space was easily three football fields away and you had to turn a couple of corners to get there. That would have been a major issue for attendees who would have gotten lost, given up, or just stayed in one area of the event.

      Is that a better explanation?

  • Jay Thompson

    Thanks for the explanation for the move to LA. It’s understandable, but you can count me in the “wish it was still going to be in Vegas” camp.

    However, if it was moved to Timbuktu, I’d still make every effort to get there….

  • Scott Fox, ClickMillionaires.com

    Congrats on the big decision to come to LA!

    This is a timely and clever choice – Downtown LA is hopping these days and aren’t we all so tired of Vegas shows anyway?

    With LA & NYC you guys are now BIG TIME!

    I had a great time speaking at my 1st BWE in the fall.

    I live in Los Angeles, so let me know if I can help.

    Looking fwd to it already!

  • Patti Londre

    Welcome to LA, very glad you are coming. Let us know when you open up for session proposals.

  • Lucretia Pruitt

    You’re just doing this so @QueenofSpain doesn’t have an excuse not to come this year, huh? πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though guys, congrats on the news!! I know you and I have had a few conversations over the years about Vegas and BWE Rick, and I don’t think I’ll ever go to Vegas and *not* think about BWE now, as the past 3 years have firmly linked the two in my mind!

    But as excited as I am to hear about NYC, I’m equally excited to hear you’re doing the “BWE West” in Los Angeles this year. What a great connection that is!! It makes perfect sense and it’s long past time that L.A. had a big new media event there! πŸ™‚

    I know where I will be the first week in November!!

  • Irina Netchaev

    Awesome news! I was at the very first Blog World and can’t wait to have you guys here in LA in my home city!!! WELCOME!

  • Anita Cohen-Williams

    I am so thrilled that BlogWorld is moving to Los Angeles, AND it will be on my birthday! What a present.

  • Carolyn Stephens

    Well obviously I’m quite disappointed that you are “Leaving Las Vegas”. You made the right move from the L.V. Convention Center to Mandalay Bay. Now you’re back to a convention center. Part of the charm of BlogWorld is the reunion of old friends and the acquaintance of new ones and convention centers that are not part of hotels are not as conducive to socializing. I think it’s a step backward. Plus, we need the money in Nevada!

    • Rick

      I completely agree with you about a hotel being a better venue for us. Unfortunately we are outgrowing hotel conference centers and there is no doubt BlogWorld will grow to a point where it has to be in a convention center.

      That being said, we are going to continue to do everything we can to encourage and facilitate networking for our attendees and exhibitors.

      I know you are disappointed. I was the most skeptical of all about the move to LA but the more we discussed it, the more apparent it became that it was the right decision. The overwhelming reaction to the news from our community seems to be confirming it was the right decision. We will find out for sure come November.

      I can promise you this, we are going to do everything we can to make sure we produce the best event possible for everyone involved no matter where BlogWorld is located. I hope you still decide to join us and look forward to hearing your feedback going forward and after the show.

  • Jim Everett

    Great move. The Convention Center is a terrific venue. And, as you say, the Downtown area is being revitalized. Still a few areas are in need of upgrade, but lots of amazing architecture, as well as filming locales. Places to check out – Biltmore Hotel (small and stunning), Bradbury Building (Blade Runner location, as well as a hi-tech concept from a century ago), Grand Central Markets for a rich food and people experience, Bonaventure Hotel for a rotating sunset drink with views, various art museums, Hollywood by subway (yes, we do have one), Disney Hall, 1 Bunker Hill for art deco architecture, LA Public Library for architecture, Union Station used in many films and TV series is wonderful art deco and still used. Drive to Beverly Hills, Melrose Ave for hip urban eateries. Drive down Wilshire to the eclectic LA Country Museum of Art, as well as the Tar Pits and Museum. Nearby try Little Ethiopia for interesting eating experiences. And those are just for starters. Lots of media companies around LA (plus Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley).

    • Rick

      I fell in love with the Biltmore the moment I walked inside Jim. Thanks for listing all the great attractions DTLA has to offer. Would you consider writing a guest post for us expanding on this a bit further for attendees who aren’t familiar with the city?

      send me an email rick@blogworldexpo.com if you are.

  • Deadline Factory

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the dates for this year.

    I’m in for LA this time around, and don’t have anything against the city, but would prefer LV as soon as you can line up the appropriate space.

    LA and NY are great places, but can be quite pricey for airfare and lodging vs. LV


  • Jason Berman

    Rick, congrats on reaching this milestone.

    Thrilled that this event continues to mature as a concept and a brand. It’s good to shake things up. Gonna be tough to take the kid out of Vegas but BlogWorld & the City of Angels will be a good fit.

    The Real Estate community is stoked! #rebwla

  • Naomi Trower

    Omg! I’m sooo excited that Blog World will be in my own backyard this year! The changes to Downtown LA are amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to experience all of the new venues in that area so that will be exciting in addition to great sessions. I can’t wait for Blog World 2011 in LA!! Yay!!

  • tom

    If you did minimal research about downtown Los Angeles’ growth, you will want to go to blogdowntown.com. They cover downtown and been writing their own content for a few years. It is a community blog that is an example of the very format your conference promotes.

  • Mike

    As someone who works downtown LA, I think you made a grave misjudgment. LA far far from revitalized beyond a few blocks. Scary place after dark a few blocks from staples.

  • sandy neer

    Who do I contact to volunteer with the event.

  • Brad in Phoenix

    MB was a great venue, but I don’t mind saying I won’t miss Vegas. L.A. has lots to offer, and travel should be easier with many more carriers going directly into LAX. My L.A. friends rave about the food trucks, so get working on some food truck marketing! Oh, and don’t forget the beach, the Getty, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and so much more. Beyond the fun to have outside the walls of the convention center, being in L.A. should draw in greater crowds. I’ll be among them.

  • Erno Hannink

    @Rick this is great news, would have loved San Diego as well πŸ™‚ The dates are in my calendar now. I am going to BWE Yeaj

  • John Soares

    I understand your reasons for choosing Los Angeles, even though it’s a city I usually try very hard to avoid.

    I do hope you’ll consider San Francisco for a future BlogWorld Expo, even if it’s just every third or fourth year. SF is my favorite American city, and the Bay Area also has a lot of bloggers and related businesses.

  • Kelly Loubet

    Dear Rick and the BlogWorld team… thanks for the awesome birthday celebration (Nov. 3rd)! I can’t wait! xo

  • Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    This is an exciting development and of course it makes it much easier for international guests (especially us Aussies:) because LA is a major transport hub. So thank you. I’m happy and hope to make it to BlogWorld again this year.

  • Naomi Trower

    I might be early in asking this question but will there be specific hotels near the convention for Blog World LA? I’ve already had a few people ask me whether they should rent a car.

    • Rick Calvert

      That is a great question Naomi! We will be posting our host hotels for LA in the next two weeks but the short answer is you will not need to rent a car. We will have room blocks at The Westin Bonaventure, the Biltmore and a few others. Several of the hotels will be in walking distance. We will also offer shuttle bus service for all of our official hotels that are beyond walking distance.

      Does that help?

  • Naomi Trower

    Perfect! I will let my friends know this info! Thank you!!

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  • Kerwin - Cruisinaltitude.com

    LA is a fine city. It’s a pain to get from the main airport (LAX) to the downtown area, but we’ll make it happen. Β Any plans to make that easier? :-).

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