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17 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Blogrolls and Link Love


Brilliant Bloggers is a weekly series here at BlogWorld where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. I usually post on Thursdays, but given all the exciting announcements yesterday with BlogWorld East in NYC and opening speaker proposal submissions I decided to post a day later this week so Brilliant Bloggers wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle! Every week, we’ll feature three of the most brilliant bloggers out there, along with a huge link of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see more Brilliant Blogger posts here.

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This Week’s Topic: Blogrolls and Link Love

Are blogrolls a thing of the past? Maybe, but I think they can work for some people, and in any case, showing your favorite bloggers some link love is important. How you go about doing that depends on the style of your blog and your niche. I thought this was an appropriate topic, since Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago and that holiday is all about showing some love to people you care about! Let’s take a look at what some brilliant bloggers have to say about this topic.

Advice from Brilliant Bloggers:

Blogroll or Links Page? by timetheif

This post is a great comprehensive look at the “to blogroll or not to blogroll” question. Another thing I love about it – there are tons of links throughout the entire piece where you can go to learn a lot more. Talk about link love! Remember to follow the author on Twitter after reading @timethief.

Using Linkbait to Gain Dozens of Targeted Links to Your Site by Ryan Schmitz

This guest post on Daily Blog Tips from Ryan Schmitz of Planting Dollars is great because it gives you an example of how you can compile an awesome link love post and turn that into free links back to your blog – even if you have no mailing list. Check out the post and follow Ryan on Twitter @plantingdollars.

The Benefits of Linking for the Linker by Deb Ng

Y’all probably already know that out very own Deb Ng is a brilliant blogger, but just in case you needed a reminder, check out this post on linking from her social media blog, Kommein. We often think of linking in terms of “how can I get others to link to me?” but in this post, Deb shares some of the benefits to being the one doing the linking. Don’t forget to follow Deb on Twitter @debng.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

Next Week’s Topic: Klout

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  • timethief

    Hello Allison,
    It’s good to meet you. I appreciate you including one cool site in your Advice from Brilliant Bloggers. I believe that lengthy blogroll of sites one rarely visits are going the way of the do-do bird. Links to your resources
    and sources in your posts is important to your readers for at least four reasons: verifiability, acknowledgment, examples, and context. Therefore it makes sense to link to the types of blogs that will provide high quality resources for our readers in our blogrolls or link pages.

    As links reflect relationships and as relationships wax and wane, your Blogroll (Links) are subject to change. Linking to blogs that are related to your own blog and that you regularly read comes naturally. Locating new blogs to read within your blogging niche comes naturally. Some blogs you have linked to may become neglected and/or abandoned so making adjustments by removing them is a natural thing to do.

    Thanks again for the recognition and best wishes for happy blogging.

  • Judy Helfand

    You have just saved me a bundle of time. After last Sunday’s #blogchat I was determined to do more research about the efficacy of BLOGROLLS. Now I can click through to all of your featured articles from other strategists and learn more. I have also shared the link to this post with my other team members.


  • Evelyn Parham

    Hi Alli,

    This is a great list you have here! This topic is a topic I definitely need to learn more about. I’ll make my rounds.

    Thank you for including my link in this post.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Korey Gaviria

    Looks exactly like Brian Gardners and Jason Schullers Revolution Office Theme. Why buy a copy when you can get the original?

  • kolembo

    I’ve never understood how you go about getting people to link back to my sites.
    Directories say they will, BUT they lie!
    Not one of the directories that I’ve linked to have linked back.
    They just hog my web page real estate!
    I blog at Short Poetry – http://kolembo.wordpress.com

  • EssEmmAySeeKay

    I have been on tons of blog sites and love this one, particularly.

    One thing that I do not agree with is the idea of not liking a BlogRoll. Although they are not the bread and butter of a blog, they should evidence of activity on a certain site, or those particular blogs are in some kind of partnership program with each other, or have made money with each other, OR just show what they like altogether.

    I look at blogrolls the same as i see ads in blogs. They are the same and different in the same tone. it’s someone or company that has a small piece of real estate on that blog and that person has them on there for one of the above reasons.

    If a good friend of mine has a blog and it’s good and SFW, they are usually in one of my blogs.

    I also think that blogrolls show perspectives that different, but the same in that right.

    If i have a music tech blog and i am in a community, that has good reviews, news, etc., that’s not terrible.

    it’s like two or more people liking pizza for different reasons. They have what they think about pizza, but they explain their likings in their own way.

    i don’t know, maybe i am just a little shocked that i have not read anything about hating blogrolls.

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