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Ask the Notables: Does Your Blog Design Match Your Personality?


This week’s Ask the Notable question …

Is there anything about your blog design that matches your personality (fonts, colors, header) and why?

Don’t forget – we consider YOUR answers to be notable too – so jump on in and answer the question with a comment below!

The responses (and not everyone responded to every question – so you may see some different people next week!) in alphabetical order are:

C.C. Chapman
C.C. Chapman

Well I just had it redone about a month ago so I hope it captures a lot of that. We wanted it to showcase the professional and personal side of me equally. Also, since I love photography we went with really big images on each section to showcase photos. I also love how my Twitter updates are integrated at the top of each page in that each time the page loads a different photo of me comes up. Some are funnier than others.

Chris Garrett

Yes my blog design (right now) is more about utility than aesthetics (like me), and I chose the grey and white with spots of orange because I think of it as positive, upbeat colour without being too in-your-face 🙂

Jason Falls
Social Media Explorer

Everything has a black background. I refuse to have anything different. My head shot is in a black shirt with a black back drop. I usually wear all black other than jeans when I speak. I’m either mysterious and sinister or wish I were African-American. Not sure which.

Jay Baer
Convince & Convert

The official color for my last three companies has been orange, so that’s definitely part of my personality

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

Our blog is really a corporate blog, so it reflects Social Media Group rather than any one personality. Overall, I think the look of our site is smart, well-designed, professional and innovative, which is right on brand for SMG.

Zac Johnson

I’m all about having a custom, unique and killer blog design. My blog design is more built around me, then not. I have a personal toon of myself for the blog (which is great for branding), while also focusing on the royalty themes and colors on the blog setup. You may even find some fun spiderman pictures around the site as well!

Next Week: If you could buy a second (or third or fourth) home anywhere – where would it be and why?


  • Nic.

    Yes, it does.  🙂
    I spent forever searching for a template when I started my blog, and it took me many weeks to find the perfect template that made me fall in love at first sight.

  • rishonan

    Well with me, mine is getting there. My blog is a mix between personal and professional posts. So I wanted a template that was clean, but not sterile. I would like to make some improvements to the graphics and icons. I need a more distinctive header image as well.

    But I think more important than getting a blog designed to match your personality, is focusing on the ” voice” you want to use online, and getting your blog to reflect that. It all depends on what you goals are ultimately.

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