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Facebook Pages Get a Facelift


Facebook started rolling out newly designed Facebook Pages today – making them look like the newly enhanced user profiles. Here’s the rundown of new features:

  • New Layout:
    The old tabbed navigation has been moved to the left and the right hand side showcases the page’s administration plus a section to show how a fan how many of their friends have also liked the page. The “Information” box is now gone (just like it got removed in the profile pages) but you can now incorporate information about your brand at the top of the page under the main title.

  • Photos:
    Like the new profiles, Facebook Pages now feature images at the top of the page. It will be interesting to see how creative companies get with this layout.

  • Wall Filters:
    Pages now have the option to show new readers the most interesting posts on the page – instead of the standard posts ‘by page’ or ‘posts by everyone’.

  • Logging in as Your Page:
    This is probably my favorite feature. You can now login to Facebook as your Page – so you can interact with other Facebook members as your page, not your individual self! You don’t have all rights (no ability to post on a user’s wall or comment) but it’s still a great addition.

Want to upgrade your pages today? Head over here to activate the new look!

Do you like the changes? Now that I’m used to the new profiles, I think these are an improvement. I just wish they’d go back and add the custom information at the top of the profiles too!


  • Judy Helfand

    I am so glad I saw your post this morning. I help a number of our clients “manage” their business Facebook pages, so I try to stay on top of the news. I like the new look, but I miss or need to get used to not seeing photo sampling of those who “like” a page. Now you just see the number of people that like your page. Or do you think there is an option to display the avatar photos?

    On second thought regarding only displaying the number of “likes”, it could be for privacy reasons. Just this week we had a client who experienced a person sending inappropriate private messages to some of the people who like their Facebook page. I am going to call this client and tell her to update her page!

    One more item, I read another post today that covers how you can edit your “business category”. http://ow.ly/1bhK9U this links to that article. It is pretty simple and provides more information for your “fans”.


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