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What Sessions Do You Want to See At BlogWorld?


Last week, we did a little crowdsourcing and asked who you would like to see present at BlogWorld. We’re pleased to see that we’re pretty much on the same wavelength, but there were some names in there we weren’t familiar with and we will be looking into those speakers. Now that we have a good idea of who you’re interested in seeing, we’re going to reach out once again and ask about the content.

What types of sessions would you like to see at BlogWorld?

See, we know many of you come for the networking, and that’s fine. But if there’s a session that will bring you in from the halls, what would it be? Are there topics we’re not covering or not covering enough? Are there topics that are overkill?

From our surveys we know that many of you would like to see more advanced content, and we’re going to work to make sure there are advanced sessions available for our seasoned vets. If you have some suggestions for advanced topics, please share.

What would you like to learn about? Where do you think we’re missing the mark? Tell us in the comments!

Again, thanks for sharing. Your input is incredibly valuable and we take all recommendations seriously.


  • Amy Phillips

    I would love to see a session “Women in Blogging: Escaping the Mommy Blogger Label and Stigma” Run by a panel of women bloggers.

  • Srinivas Rao

    I think a session on producing podcasts for your blog would be something wortwhile.

  • Aaron Hockley

    Building and marketing ebooks.

  • Barry Birkett

    Tools! There are so many apps, widgets, plugins and the like out there that it would be very helpful to get some expert advice on which will do the most for our blogs and to make our lives easier. Some basics on using would be helpful as well.

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