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New Community Website Aims at ‘Exploring Social Media’


Jason Falls officially announced the launch of Exploring Social Media today, a community website to serve the needs of the mainstream person or business that wants to know digital marketing, online communications, and social media better.

Their content is for all levels – including an entry-level How To Set Up Your Twitter Account and an advanced Developing Social Media Strategies. The site currently has approximately 50 lessons and they’re adding more weekly.

Jason says:

The gap between the echo chamber us social media and technology enthusiasts live in and real business owners and people I would consider “mainstream” is vast. Technologies and platforms we operate in our sleep are incredibly intimidating to many. Sure, we can spout out the broadband penetration and X-percent of all adults are on a social network stats all we want. But for the vast majority … let me say that again … THE VAST MAJORITY of people in this world, the Internet is little more than email, a couple websites and a whole lot of frustration.

Jason further says that while the content is intended for everyone outside the echo chamber, there will be a fair amount of content and interaction there which may appeal to you, too.

The introductory price to join the community is $25 per month and includes:

  • Unlimited, personal access to industry experts and influencers
  • Deep and enriching, how-to content
  • Free access to monthly webinars with industry thought leaders
  • Exclusive discounts for events, merchandise and more

It definitely sounds like an interesting initiative. Will you be joining?

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  • Jason Falls

    Thanks a ton, Nikki. I’ve always been humbled by the support BlogWorld has shown me over the years. Today proved no different. I very much appreciate you sharing the ESM news with your folks. And we’d be thrilled to have them check us out. You rock!

  • Nikki

    Jason, glad to support you and your endeavors!!

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