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30 Days to a Better Blog


Welcome to the 30 Days to a Better Blog series. This originally started as a New Years Resolution, with 30 days to whip your blog into better shape. Now it’s reorganized to give you better structure and you can implement it whenever, and however, you’d like.

Tools, Tricks & Technology:

Full Circle Make your blog better simply by using the most up-to-date software, analyzing your statistics, checking out your competition, and using the tools right at your fingertips.


Let’s face it, blog layouts change frequently. The standard “categories on the right sidebar” has gotten very stale and now there are ways to make your blog stand out.


A better blog needs better content. Learn how to find your voice, create an editorial calendar, and make your posts SEO friendly.


Posts aren’t the only thing that your readers see. Learn what pages are imperative to having a better blog.

Distribution & Marketing:

Now that you have great content, it’s time to learn how to distribute and market your posts.


With a better blog comes a better sense of community. Learn how to engage with your readers and reach out to the bigger blog community at large.

Note: You’ll notice there are only 29 links. That’s because day 30 is to pick a time, sometime later this year, to come back and do this all again! Help keep your blog from getting stale and nondescript.

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