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30 Days to a Better Blog: Be Flexible


30 Days to a Better Blog: Be Flexible

I’m a pretty rigid person. I can easily get set in my ways and start to think my way is the best way. And when someone questions me, I tend to go on the defensive.

But I’m learning. I’m learning that critiques and questions and differences of opinion are good things. They help me grow and reach and learn. I’m learning to be flexible.

The same goes for blogging. Technology is going to change. Blogging platforms are going to change. Your audience is going to change (to an extent). And your content and blogging habits may need to change with it.

The goal here (and throughout the year) is to be flexible. When someone questions your blog posts, your blog content, or your way of thinking – don’t go on the defensive. Take a step back and analyze their points. You don’t have to accept everyone’s criticism, but it never hurts to evaluate their thoughts and respond. And criticism and controversy on a blog can be a good thing 🙂 Make it an effort to stay on top of the latest trends, news, and technology. You may need to launch a mobile version of your blog soon, and that could impact your design and content structure. It’s okay! Be flexible.

Being flexible doesn’t mean bending to the point that you break. It means shifting when you need to, growing when you need to, and always acknowledging that you can improve. Do you consider yourself to be flexible?

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  • Marsha

    I am new to blogging so finding this article was a blessing. I have one question, is it really important to have your blog focus on one topic? My site contains 3 separate blogs (nurse tips, recipes, random stuff) am I hindering the growth of my site?


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