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30 Days to a Better Blog: Start a Series


30 Days to a Better Blog: Start a Series

A series, in any capacity – whether it’s a book series, television series, or blog series, can be very successful in retaining an audience. In blogging it gives your readers something to look forward to, sets their expectations, and gives them something to look back on!

In terms of your blog – a series is beneficial in other ways too:

  • It Gives You Direction. It’s easy to build out your editorial calendar when you are writing a series!
  • It Helps With SEO. Interlinking back to the other posts in the series is always beneficial. And if you create a page that lists out the topics covered in your series, it’s even better!
  • You Can Pre-Post. Heading out of town? A blog series allows you to write out your content in advance.

There are several attributes to a series’ success, including:

  • Choosing a topic that will carry through several articles. You want to be able to sustain the series. Consider writing out at least 10 headlines that can be covered. And make sure it’s appropriate to the audience of your blog!
  • Choosing a feasible timeline. Can you keep up with a daily series? weekly? What works best for your audience and calendar?
  • Building off other trends. You may want to consider building a series off of a trend in Twitter. Something like #MusicMonday or #WritingWednesday allows you to fit your series with those trending topics.
  • Ending each post with a link back to the series and/or a glimpse as to “what’s next”. This keeps your reader from disappearing after they’ve read that one post.

Alli provides other great tips in running a blog series – including planning your content, explaining your series, and making yourself available after each post.

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