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30 Days to a Better Blog: Automate Your Marketing


30 Days to a Better Blog: Automate Your Marketing

You wrote a blog post, hit publish and now it’s time to get readers to read it! With your great headline, SEO, and keywords – it will soon hit Google and hopefully drive traffic. But what about the immediate readership? For those people not subscribed to your RSS feed, you can still get them to read via automated social media marketing efforts.

  • Twitterfeed: With Twitterfeed you can add your RSS feeds to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Networked Blogs: Another Facebook app that allows you to automatically promote your blog on your Facebook personal account or page.
  • Google News: If you run a website that focuses on current events, entertainment, politics, etc – consider submitting your blog to Google News.
  • SocialPoster: Semi-automatically (requires to hop on and put in your URL, title, text, and keywords) submits to the top social networks like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

Are there any other tools you use to automate your blog post marketing?

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