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30 Days to a Better Blog: Break Up the Text Monotony


30 Days to a Better Blog: Break Up the Text Monotony

Yesterday we talked about adding images and video to your blog for visual interest … and today we’re going to talk more about breaking up the text monotony by using your font tags.

Lets face it: Nobody wants to read blocks of text.

Blocks of text remind us of text books. Blocks of text are boring. As a blogger you can spice up the page by adding a variety of font tags. And I’m not talking about turning your entire post blue. You want to use strategic tags, and the key is to be consistent, so readers of your blog know what to expect.

Here are a variety of ways to use font tags:

  • <h1> Use heading tags for your section headlines. This helps your reader identify the different sections of your post – and helps SEO too!
  • <b> Use bold for keywords/key phrases. Not only should you interlink these, but bolding them helps draw the eye to the most important part of your sentence/paragraph.
  • <i> Italicize quotes and titles. I typically italicize quotes from people and any book, periodical, or movie titles.
  • Add color strategically. I rarely use color, but I see many bloggers use color effectively to really bring attention to specific words on the page.

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