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30 Days to a Better Blog: Establish a Review Policy


30 Days to a Better Blog: Establish a Review Policy

Some bloggers are anti-reviews. Some bloggers love them. If you fall into the latter category, or looking into writing product/service reviews – you’re best bet is to establish a review policy up-front and document the details on a static page of your blog.

Things to include in your review policy:

  • Overview: State the objective for your reviews. Are you looking for the best products for your audience? Are you looking to provide well-rounded reviews for your readers?
  • What You Look at in a Review: Tell your audience what you look for in the items you’re reviewing, and how you will write the review. Are you looking at content? quality? price? value? other specific factors?
  • Items You’re Looking to Review: Make a list of the items you are interested in reviewing – and an example of the items you’re not willing to review.
  • Whether You’re Willing to Accept Samples: A variety of companies look to provide bloggers with a sample that they need to return. Some bloggers are fine with that (this way they can review expensive items), while some find it a pain.
  • How to Request a Review: Provide contact information for companies looking to send you a review product.
  • How You Handle a Review: Tell potential companies how you handle the review. If it is a product that you don’t want to pitch to your audience or would review badly – do you still want to include the review? Will you let the company know? Will you send the product back or pass it on to another reviewer?
  • Disclosure: Bloggers are now legally required to disclose if they received an item as a sample and/or were paid for their review as a way to provide transparency to the reader. You can find several sample disclosure on the web, or I found this interesting website that gives you a way to visually display your level of disclosure.

Share your Review Policy with us.

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