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30 Days to a Better Blog: Add/Edit Your About Me Page


30 Days to a Better Blog: Add/Edit Your About Me Page

Take a look at your blog’s static pages. Do you have an About Me page? If no, it’s time to make one! Your About Me page is the first place someone will head to learn a little bit more about the person behind the blog they’re reading. Yes. That’s right. The About Me page is about YOU. Not your blog. Okay … okay … it can talk about the blog a little. But, really, a reader should be able to garner everything they need to know about your blog by reading your posts.

As Alli says in her What I Learned From the 12 Days of Blogging post: “Part of the reason I read any blog is its writer. So tell me about yourself! As someone hunting for information, this was also important to me. I want to know why I should care what you say. Do you have education? Experience? Life circumstances that qualify you to write in your niche? I want to know that I’m getting good tips, not just “well, maybe this will work because other people say so” advice.

What should you include on your About Me page? Any or all of the following:

  • Your name
  • A recent photo
  • Your education and/or work history (if relevant to the blog)
  • Why you started the blog
  • Your goal(s) for the blog
  • A link to your contact page (and an invitation for people to contact you)
  • Links to other blogs/websites you may write for or run

And most importantly (in my opinion) – try to use your voice! Your About Me page should be a quick and easy way for a reader to learn about you … it shouldn’t be a bullet-point list from your resume.

Let us know what you edited on your About Me page.

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