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Video: 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Blogging


… by Wade Kwon

A new year, same old blog. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this video, I discuss three New Year’s resolutions we can make together to help our blogging improve and grow throughout 2011. Each resolution will challenge us to rethink our blog priorities and get focused.

But the payoffs will be great content, more traffic and a crystal clear goal.

Let’s go!

About Wade Kwon: Wade is a two-time speaker at BlogWorld and works as a communication consultant in Birmingham, Ala. Visit his site, Birmingham Blogging Academy, and follow him on Twitter at @WadeOnTweets.


  • jennifer

    Even though I am a casual blogger, I think your points all apply to me too! I have considered sharing my blog on Facebook but I haven’t made that leap yet. I am usually too self conscious to post my ‘vlogs’ when I create them. I think I need to decide WHAT I am trying to accomplish on Dust Bunny Hostage – I think I just want to make a connection with other bloggers.

    Awesome post Wade.

    • Wade Kwon

      Thanks, Jennifer! Connecting with other bloggers is a great goal — it’s one of my favorite parts of blogging.

      As a recovering control freak, I too often focus on getting it perfect: writing, videos, etc. It’s that fear of not being perfect that holds me back, and maybe you, too.

      Don’t be afraid to try putting some video out there. I did it, and it didn’t kill me. I didn’t freak out, or become embarrassed. Set a deadline: “I will do a video post by next Sunday.” And then do it.

      And if you’re in Birmingham on Jan. 19, come by our Alabama Bloggers lunch!

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Christine Prichard

    Hey Wade,

    Thanks for the pep talk! I’m going to add a blog to my photo site this year…..am itching to get it going! Also congrats on the Poynter Institute honor of being named in the top 35 most influential social media–awesome!


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