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Overheard on #Blogchat: Challenges (@coreyfreeman)


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This week’s theme: creating a vision/strategy/plan to guide your blogging efforts in 2011

My friends are probably sick of hearing me say it – don’t set new year’s resolutions. Set goals. In my mind, resolutions are big “wishes” that you hope to achieve, but with no real plan. Goals, on the other hand, can be achieved if you’re willing to take action. During #blogchat, this week, one tweeter said something that made me look at the whole resolutions vs. goals argument in a hole new light:

coreyfreeman: Are people still setting “goals”? I call them challenges. That way I can keep doing them until I win!

I love this attitude! So many of us set these lofty goals and even with taking steps to achieve them, we don’t finish by our self-imposed deadlines. So what? I’m not saying that you have to be complacent, that reaching toward your goals doesn’t matter. But, as Corey suggests, if we look at them as challenges that we have to get through, they take on a whole new look.

You have to find a way to resolve a challenge. It might take longer than you hoped. It might not happen easily, and your strategy might change along the way. But while goals fall to the wayside when not achieved, challenges do not disappear. The best of the best will deal with them head-on, slaying virtual dragon after virtual dragon until the princess (or prince!) is saved.

What challenges are on your plate for 2011?


  • Corey Freeman

    Wow! Thanks for the mention! I never was a big fan of the word “goals,” especially since everyone worries about how to get them achieved in time and how to set “attainable” ones.

    Like you said, challenges HAVE to be cleared. They lead you from step to step, level to level.

    Plus, how awesome do you feel about conquering a challenge? You don’t “conquer” goals. You just reach them.

    • Alli

      Yeah, I totally love that way of looking at it – conquering a challenge.

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