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The Importance of Filling Out Your BlogWorld Survey


If you attended BlogWorld ’10, you probably received a survey in your in box this week. This survey is asking some general questions about what you thought about the event, your likes and dislikes, and general overall experience.

In the next few weeks, we’re also going to be sending out surveys for individual sessions you attended. Though you might be inclined to ignore the survey, especially during this busy time, I’d like to encourage you to take five minutes to fill out the form. I promise, it won’t take long.

  • The survey tells us what we’re doing right. We want to continue to do stuff right so you’ll continue to come to Blogorld.
  • The survey tells us what we’re doing wrong. We want to know what came off as a negative experience so we can correct it and make BlogWorld ’11 even better.
  • The survey offers a chance for you to share your opinions, thoughts and ideas. We want to tap your brains ans you’re the most creative, resourceful and influential people in the world.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable and we would love to hear from as many attendees as possible. We won’t share or sell any information and if you allow us to contact you for more feedback, all your details will be kept confidential.

BlogWorld is the top social media event because of you. Without you, there would be no us and we take that responsibility seriously. Please fill out this survey and subsequent surveys about speakers and sessions. We’re so grateful for your feedback.


  • TrafficColeman

    I didn’t go this year..but I’m looking to be in the place in 2011..I will be working my butt off…

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Katherine Salt

    Hi there

    I think I’ve deleted the survey, is there a way I can get another one sent?



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