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12 Days of Blogging 2010: 4 Podcast Hosts


Written content isn’t your only option if you want to be a successful blogger. In fact, those who are taking the initiative to work with other forms of media have a much greater opportunity for success in many cases, since there are fewer people doing podcasts and video content. For today’s 12 Days of Blogging 2010 post, I wanted to feature four people who are awesome podcasters – and some of the advice they have for others interested in this form of blogging.

1. Brilliant Marketing Tactics: Podcasts and Interviews by Srinivas Rao at The Skool of Life

Srini, along with Sid Savara, runs BlogcastFM, and it’s no secret that I love this site. BlogcastFM posts multiple podcasts every week with awesome bloggers who have something to teach us about making more money, finding more traffic, and so on. Who better to speak on podcasting than someone who’s done dozens of them with some of the most respected bloggers in the industry? Writes Srini:

People always ask me how I come up with so many ideas  and I guess it would be appropriate to say  “I don’t. These are just combinations of hundreds of people’s ideas that I’m putting together.”  I learn something from every single person I interview whether they are big, small, have 100 subscribers or 1000.

Head to The Skool of Life to read more advantages to podcasting, as well as find links to useful resources on getting started. You can also follow Srini on Twitter @skooloflife.

2. How To Conduct A Quality Podcast Interview by Yaro Starak at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

Yaro’s done countless interviews with industry professionals, and since he first started podcasting, he’s learned a lot about what works and what does not – at least for him. In this post, he talks about how he does interviews with guests for his podcast and why these techniques work. From the post:

To this day I still listen to podcasts, and especially love interviews with experts (and music of course too), however I’ve noticed that many podcast interviews are just not well done. While I don’t consider myself the best of the best when it comes to podcasts, I’ve done over 60 of them in the last five years and I thought it was about time I wrote something on how exactly to conduct a quality podcast interview.

You can read more from Yaro at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and follow him on Twitter @yarostarak.

3. The Selfish Art of Podcasting by Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch has done over 200 podcast episodes over the past few years, and in this post he reflects on the reasons why he loves this medium for blogging. Writes Mitch:

While it’s humbling to know that people like (and listen) to the show, it really is a very selfish act. I use the platform of a Podcast as a gateway to meet people who are smarter than me and people who I want to learn from. I use the platform of a Podcast as a gateway to connect and learn from some of the brightest minds in Marketing and business. The bonus of all of this, is that I can publish these podcasts for anyone and everyone to listen to, but I don’t do it for the listeners or the community. I do it because I can get people like Seth Godin, Don Tapscott, David Weinberger, Sally Hogshead, Charlene Li, Steve Wozniak and many others all to myself for a brief moment in time.

It’s an interesting benefit to podcasting that you may not have considered in the past. I love that it opens up a discussion too – why do you podcast? To read more (and listen to his podcast of course), head to Six Pixels of Separation. You can follow Mitch on Twitter @mitchjoel.

4. A Voice For Your Vision: How to Make Podcasting Work for Your Business by Doug Heacock – guest post for Freelance Switch

What I like about this post on Freelance Switch is that it goes over both the advances and disadvantages of podcasting. While podcasting can be beneficial for many bloggers, it certainly isn’t right for everyone. From the post:

If you’re passionate about what you do, you have already fulfilled one of the first prerequisites for podcasting: you have something to say. Like good blogging, good podcasting is all about the content. If you have quality content to share, and if you can learn how to produce, distribute and promote your podcast effectively, people who are interested in what you have to say will essentially give you permission to speak right into their ear(bud)s, and that’s a privilege you should take seriously. If the content is lame, they might listen for a while, but sooner or later they’ll move on.

Head to Freelance Switch to read more, and follow the blog at @freelancesw. Doug’s blog is found at Underpants Office.

Have you written about podcasting? Do you have a podcast on your blog? What tips do you have for new podcasters? Leave a comment below with links and your best advice!

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