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The Importance of Evergreen Topics and Blog Posts


An evergreen topic is named after the evergreen tree – which never changes its color. Like the tree, the evergreen topic never changes … never goes out of style … never loses its timeliness. Why? Because it’s not timely. It’s not a breaking news article, it’s not related to the hottest fads or celebrity or fashion. An evergreen topic should be just as relevant a year from now (or even five years from now) as it is today.

Evergreen topics are important for bloggers (in any niche or industry) for a variety of reasons:

    An evergreen topic will land high on the list of any search engine because its more apt to have linkbacks than any latest news posted.

  • They’re Always in Style
    You can add an evergreen blog post whenever you want, because it’s not breaking news. For entertainment and celebrity blogs, this is a great way to take a break from constantly scouring your RSS feed. And believe me, you can find ways of incorporating evergreen posts into these blogs!

  • They Are Sustainable
    Your traffic may not initially be high for an evergreen blog post, but it will continue to grow and grow. You’ll find that any affiliate links or ads on this page (if applicable to the topic) will generate more and more revenue as new readers continue to hit your blog.

  • They Establish You as an Authority
    An evergreen blog post helps you to establish yourself as an authority in that topic. If a new reader stumbles on this post and finds it informative, she is more apt to click through to more pages, forward the link to a friend, or bookmark it to read again later.

  • They Can be Recycled
    Evergreen topics are great for recycling. You can add to them, enhance them, expand on them – just make sure not to change the URL!

Do you write evergreen blog posts? What’s your highest traffic topic?


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