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27 Bloggers Talk about Writing Better Headlines


One of the most oft-mentioned topics on blogs about blogging is how to write a great headline. The right headline makes your post more likely to be shared on social media, attracts more links, optimize your website for search engines, and end world hunger. There are so many resources out there, yet people still ask me for tips all the time. You all have said things that are much smarter and more interesting than I could ever hope to say – so here’s a round up of what the best bloggers out there are saying about writing awesome headlines:

Am I missing your link or a link from someone you love? Leave a comment below to be part of the conversation!

  1. 65 Exciting Words to Spice up Your Blog Headlines at Blogussion by Alex, @afrais
  2. All You Need To know About Good Headline Creation that Work at 1st Web Designer by Rean John Uehara, @ueharataichou
  3. Blog Content Tip โ€“ Titles are Everything at Problogger by Darren Rowse, @problogger
  4. Do Your Readers Trust You? On Headline Trickery at For Bloggers, By Bloggers by Judy Dunn, @CatsEyeWriter
  5. Down with Deb Ng! Headline Writing 101 at Freelance Writing Jobs by Terreece M. Clarke, @Terreece
  6. Everything You Need To Know About Writing Blog Headlines at DavidRisley.com by David Risley, @davidrisley
  7. Headline Writing for PPC Ads: Dos and Don’ts at Word Stream by by Elisa Gabbert
  8. Headline v. Content: Does the Carpet Match the Drapes? at Kommein by Deb Ng, @debng
  9. How Important Are Blog Headlines? at Digital Marketing Content Agents by Greg Taylor, @grt2studios
  10. How to Write Kickass Blog Post Titles at Netchunks by Shiva Chettri, @netchunks
  11. How to Write Magnetic Headlines (11-part series) at Copyblogger by Brian Clark, @Copyblogger
  12. How to Write Quality Query Letters: Write a Great Headline at PoeWar by John Hewitt, @poewar
  13. Movie Titles Can Teach You to Write Better Title Tags and Headlines at PaperStreet by Pete Boyd, @peteboyd
  14. Please, Please, Please Write Informative Headlines at Poynter by Steffen Fjaervik
  15. Presure was Just too Great to Write a Good Headline About Good Headlines at Poynter by David Michelmore
  16. Secrets to Writing Good Headlines Guaranteed to Increase Traffic at Little Books with a Big Message by Julia M Lindsey, @ourlittlebooks
  17. The Key To Attention-Getting Headlines at Empowered Online Entrepreneurs byElmar Sandyck, @ElmarSandyck
  18. The Secret To Driving Blog Traffic at Social Media Explorer by Jason Falls, @jasonfalls
  19. The Secret to Writing Effective Headlines That Will Get Your Blog Posts Read at Meet Freddy Rodriguez by Freddy Rodriguez, @imcoachfreddy
  20. The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill at Freelance Switch by Leo Babauta @zen_habits
  21. Three SEO Healting Writing Tips at Freelance Writing Jobs by Terreece M. Clarke, @Terreece
  22. Using Numbers in Headlines: Is the Game Changing? at The Blog Herald by Andrew G.R., @jobacle
  23. Whatโ€™s Even More Important Than a Well Written Headline? at Chrisg.com by Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett
  24. Writing Headlines for Social Media or Search Engines at DavidRisley.com by David Risley, @davidrisley
  25. Writing killer home page headlines at The Writer’s Bloc by Dave Kramer, @TheWritersBloc
  26. Writing Website Content Headlines at Men with Pens by James Chartrand, @menwithpens

Ok, Ok…I wrote one too: Headlines Mean Nothing If Your Don’t Deliver – so that brings our total to 27 posts about blog headlines. Each have a few tips, so that’s easily over 100 opinions about writing better headlines. Whew. I’m going to file this one under the category “New Media News & Education” because if that isn’t enough education to keep you busy for the rest of the week, i don’t know what is!

(For the record, I listed posts in alphabetical order, not in some kind of ranking order.)

Over to you: link us to your post about headlines or give us your best headline tip.


  • Angela

    Thank you for this list! I am excited to read some of these blog posts – I noticed that some of them are ones by my favorite bloggers, and that I haven’t read them before. Its always nice to have this kind of information all lined up in one place ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alli

      You’re welcome! If you find any I’ve missed, feel free to let me know. A lot of these are from my favorite bloggers as well, but I also tried to reach out on Twitter and doing some research to find posts from bloggers that aren’t as well known.

  • Shiva

    Wow, Allison thanks for including my post in this list. It really gives me immense happiness to find that people are liking my writings. And on top of that, seeing my name just besides my favorite bloggers’ who have inspired me made me even more happy. Most of the bloggers that have been listed above are my icons and I aspire to be like them. Thanks a lot Allison for giving me that “Happy Moment:” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alli

      You’re welcome! Thanks for writing a great post to help us all be better bloggers!

  • Jackey123

    Thanks for featuring some of my blogger friends out there. I commend you for doing such an act. This will also help their site’s traffic. Kudos for the post!

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