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New Facebook Profile Page – I Kind of Don’t Like It!


I know the new Facebook Profile page has been out for a few days now, but I wanted to play around with it first before blogging about it … and my first inclination is I kind of don’t like it!

First off, here’s what’s new:

The changes were designed to make the profile a “more compelling visual experience” by featuring photos and images. Also listed at the top of the page is your personal information (job, school, location, and hometown, and birthdate) and recently tagged photos. In the left column a selection of friends are displayed, along with family members, and any featured lists you include.

On their blog Facebook explains, “The profile begins with a quick overview of basic information such as where you’re from, where you went to school, and where you work–?the kinds of conversation starters you share with people you’ve just met or exchange with old friends as you get reacquainted.

Included in the visual revamp is a list of icons (instead of text links) to represent your interests and experiences. Facebook also added two new categories for your interests (Philosophy and Sports) and encourages you to add more information about your education and work experience.

So why don’t I like it?

I actually feel like I have less control over how my profile is portrayed, unless I just start shutting things off! I would prefer to choose the friends displayed in the left column without having to create a list (because I’d end up including everyone anyway.) I would prefer to choose what information is displayed at the top of the profile, and have the ability to include my own text. I spent a good amount of time creating the “About Me” blurb, and I like it. It showcases my personality and gives a quick glimpse of who I am.

I use Facebook for much more than a way to keep in touch with my family and friends. It’s a way for me to interact with other authors, many of whom I’ve never met. My profile page is their first glimpse of me – and yet I can’t include the fact that I’m an author in that top line. There’s no “employer” for Author. I guess I could make my employer “Self-Employed” and my position could be “Author” – but having the line “Author at Self-Employed” is not a very “visually appealing” presentation IMO!

So, tell me – what do you think? Are you a fan of the new Facebook Profile Page?


  • Daniel Scrobe

    I agree with you. You definitely have lost control over how you want your profile to look. What other featured lists on the side are you talking about? What happened to the tabs on the top?

  • Monica

    I’m not a fan of the new Facebook either. I don’t like how it keeps changing every few months. It’s not visually pleasing and I have to search all over just to post on someone’s wall! I usually just stick to using the Blackberry version.

  • Dano Hart

    I like it.

    Facebook has never been about user control in the way of design. And I’m fine with that still. I have my own websites to worry about design. Just give me some good functionality, which facebook has.

    And I absolutely love the small pictures being displayed towards the top. That really shows people who I am. Assuming that people tag me in a picture that I am actually in (that’s harder to manage than what you may think).

  • Steve

    Not only don’t I like it but once you’ve changed over (& this is done for you) there is no way of going back! Why don’t they let us know before-give people an option? And to my dismay, no way (at least I haven’t found a way) to let FB know how displeased I am.

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