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3 Keys For An Effective Online Video Strategy


… by Chantelle Flannery

The way video is being consumed online is increasing, approximately 70% of global online consumers watch video online (nielsen). There are three key factors that you need to take into account if you want your organization to succeed in online video:

  1. Quality Content
  2. Consistent Programming
  3. Ability to Adapt

Looking at these factors an organization that stands out for taking full advantage of the rising consumption of online video is the Horizon League. The Horizon League Network (HLN), the conference’s online video portal, brings exclusive content surrounding the Horizon League’s 10 institutions’ athletic departments.

Just how does the Horizon League utilize these three key traits:

Quality Content:

  • A variety of live content is available with over 400 live events, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming & diving, softball, and baseball. HLN also features a vast on-demand library with highlights, features and original programming.
  • So far this season viewers are watching an average of 40 minutes of live video on HLN, whereas traditional media companies utilizing web video have a much lower average viewing time. Fox viewers are averaging18.3 minutes of video content and NBC only averages 16.5 for video content (comScore).

Consistent Programming:

  • The Horizon League began streaming sporting events in 2005. Streaming video originally started as a replacement to a regional TV package of up to 15 games a year. For the same budget, the Horizon League is able to stream over 400 live events each year.
  • This year HLN will produce its 2,000th event. Over the past six years, the regional TV package would have only produced a maximum of 90 events and impacted only a percentage of the viewers.

Ability to adapt:

  • Until the 2010-11 school year, the Horizon League managed their traditional content on a separate site from their video content. The merging of the sites, under HorizonLeague.com, allowed for a unified experience for fans in which video could be placed alongside press releases to give fans options on how they would like to consume content. The overall site traffic is seeing a significant increase this year with the combination.
  • A partnership with WebStream Productions has given the league an experienced video production partner. WebStream works with local production crews and athletic department staff members to increase production quality and consistency from all 10 campuses.

The Horizon League Network will continue to be an important marketing tool for the league as online video consumption continues to soar. Additionally, with the merging of television and Internet-enabled devices, the availability of this content will only serve to increase the league’s exposure.

How will you, or your organization, utilize these success factors to improve your online presence?

Chantelle Flannery has immersed herself in online marketing working for small businesses, not-for-profits and Fortune 500 companies. She currently works at a social media agency focusing on strategy, client relationships and production management. Recently Chantelle co-authored Corporate Blogging for Dummies from Wiley Publishing.

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