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What is Your Super Hero Social Networking Identity?


Social networking allows us to be anyone we want to be. You can setup a Twitter account within seconds, and connect with millions of users and never have to display who you actually are. Whether it be for business or pleasure, would an alter ego identity help your business or brand?

Let’s take a look at how some of my friends and well known people within industry have managed to build out their brand, while using their business name in the process. I am referring to either using a logo, their company name or even their blog title.

Real Names vs. Online Branded Names

I’m personally good friends with the following three individuals, and despite knowing them on a first name basis, I still always want to refer to them as their online brand names and the identity they have built. It’s almost like having a super hero identity!

Each of these users also have Twitter accounts under their ‘branded names’, each with over 50,000 followers. Are you one of them?

– Super Hero Name: ShoeMoney
(Secret Identity: Jeremy Schoemaker)

– Super Hero Name: ProBlogger
(Secret Identity: Darren Rowse)

– Super Hero Name: CopyBlogger
(Secret Identity: Brian Clark)

This just goes to show the power of branding and marketing in the internet and social media world. Just try and establish yourself in the world without using the internet, and you will find it’s nearly impossible or would cost millions of dollars to get any type of name recognition and branding.

Mention Shoemoney, Problogger or Copyblogger at any conference or event, and there’s a good chance people will know who you are talking about, yet I’m sure none of them have done any offline or branded advertising.

Whether a brand name is created by mistake or meant to stick, it all depends on your blog readers, twitter follows and how others see you as an individual and business. Having a real person behind every brand, helps determines that company or person’s success. You are the brand you represent.

What other recognizable ‘real names vs. branded names’ can you think of in the internet marketing and blogging space?

This post has been written by Zac Johnson, an internet marketing veteran with nearly 15 years of experience and enjoys helping others learn how to make money and succeed at ZacJohnson.com. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Robert Samuel

    We’ve been trying to build ourselves as brands, it never occured to establish a super hero social identity. It’s definitely something to consider though. 🙂

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