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Are You Actively Trying to Make Your Blog Suck Less?


At BlogWorld 2010, Scott Hanselman spoke about 32 Ways to Make Your Blog Suck Less. It was a presentation I had missed at the actual event – so thank god for my virtual pass, because this was one of the most entertaining sessions I’ve seen thus far. No smoke blowin’ – I actually laughed out loud at multiple points during the slideshow. Oh, and I learned a few things too.

But the biggest take-away message from this presentation, for me, wasn’t any of the (really good) tips Scott made about sucking less as a blogger. It was simply about the fact that I got half-way through before I actually grabbed a pen and started jotting down some notes for myself.

Let’s face it – bloggers have a tendency to say, “that’s an awesome idea that I need to implement on my blog…later.” We want to be better bloggers, but we get so caught up in day-to-day tasks that we don’t make time to actually use the tips we learn. These could be tips from BlogWorld, but it also applies to tips we read about on our favorite blogs-about-blogs, tips readers give us in comments or via email, or even tips that are mentioned on Twitter.

Let me ask you this: In the past seven days, how have you made your blog better?

If you answer is, “Well, Alli, I wrote some new content.” That isn’t good enough.

My challenge to you is this: Every week, do one thing to make your blog suck less that you’ve been putting off. Maybe that means making a mobile version of your site. Maybe that means getting a better comment system. It could be something small, like adding a twitter button to your sidebar. It could be something big, like launching a product. But every single week do something.

And when you’re reading online or watching Scott’s presentation or whatever and see something that makes you think, “Man, I should really do that on my own blog,” write it down. Start a list of things that you need to do to make your blog suck less. I bet there are way more than 32. One by one, cross them off the list. Like I said, doing even one per week is forward progress. If you have time for more, awesome.

It’s about being active to reach your goals. I think we all get complacent at times, allowing “I’ve been busy” to become an excuse for laziness. But this is your career. If you want to make money as a blogger, you need to start being a mediocre employee and start being the type of employee that deserves a raise. When you do that, your readers will give you that raise.

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