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4 Tips To Better Follow Up After a Conference


When you go to a conference, often times it’s to learn and other times, well, all the time whether you see or not, it’s to network as well. Big events such as BlogWorld are an incredible place to network and establish some solid connections. Problem being, that’s usually where it stops and opportunity is flushed down the drain. Let’s fix that…

Mike Stenger is a Social Media specialist with a huge passion of the platforms around us. You can find him on his blog where he talks about Social Media Tips And Business Success.


  • Marty McPadden

    Great tips MIke! You should be a speaker at next year’s Blog World!

  • Mike Stenger

    What was your goal to get out of BlogWorld?

  • Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Hello Mike, Great advise, for anybody networking. Not pitching right of the bat Is so true especially when the table is turned on you sometimes aggressively. I actually never made it to blog world as a little far from Spain, but hope to one day. Thanks again. Regards. Charles

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