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YouCast, a sponsor of BlogWorld 2010’s Tech Karaoke event, creates integrated social media campaigns for BRANDS and provides INFLUENCERS with unique, quality content and promotions.

BlogWorld INFLUENCERS: Join the YouCast Influencer Network by tonight at midnight and automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad!
Help us learn more about your blogging interests here – so we can connect you with the brands that best fit.

Brands include; Turner Networks, Pepsi, Mandalay Films, CBS Films, Pepsi, OMD, WPP, Energizer, Novartis, GE, Ad Council, Ventura Foods

BRANDS can also sign up and enter code #bwe10 to automatically be registered for $1,000 off your next marketing campaign with YouCast.

YouCast is a highly specialized digital marketing company with established expertise in social media marketing including Influencer Marketing, Digital Word of Mouth, Social Media Reputation Management, Social Media Strategy.  With a range of products and innovative marketing solutions for major brands and advertisers, YouCast incorporates key components of SEO, Media Buying and PR into a winning formula/secret sauce that results on managed and tracked distribution of Brand Assets & Communications into the Earned Media space.

The YouCast Vision:
Provide advertisers with the ability to activate and communicate with thousands of proven influencers across multiple channels for multiple brands, while measuring and optimizing the impact on the brand and campaign on a real time basis.  Provide Influencers with a source of powerful content and publisher growth opportunities from both a traffic and a revenue point of view.

Creating Brand Influencer Networks:

  • Developed proprietary technologies that allow the company to produce superior and more cost effective campaigns for its clients.
  • Part CMS, part Influencer Management, part ad network, the YouCast Influencer DataStream delivers to advertisers the ability to track, re-target and build audience beyond the network hub or owned media properties.
  • Developing Brand Influencer Networks that allow for highly targeted campaigns enlisting segmented teams of Influencers who can drive sales and conversions with their significant power of referral.

YouCast has the expertise to reach the right consumer with the right message — to pinpoint niche communities, influencers and social networks where the target market will seek information and make decisions.

YouCast has access to the target consumers in Social Media through our Influencer Network and proven earned media marketing processes.


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