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The Faces of BlogWorld Expo 2010


Video music by DoKashiteru and ditto ditto

Thank you to everyone who participated. If you didn’t catch me to do a video in Vegas or reply to me via Twitter just leave a comment on this post to participate! Who are you and what is your site about? What did you enjoy most and what were the best BlogWorld tips you learned at the event? Will you be back next year?

(Also, things I learned for next year: I need to purchase a mic :-p)


  • Jaime

    It was really nice to meet you Allison. I miss everyone already.

    Blogworld made me realize how many amazing people there are, that are just like me. I found inspiration in the stories. And even though I only started blogging early this year, I was able to become friends with bigger name bloggers. Apparently it isn’t all about how many subscribers you have, it’s about real people and real relationships.

    I just wrote a post about how much Blogworld cost and if it was worth it. And yes. I will be going back next year, even when the cost of the plane ticket is $500. 🙂

  • Nicole a.k.a Finance Diva

    Great Video! Thank you for allowing me to participate; I think it definitely shows the diversity of the attendees at Blog World and the amount if interaction available.

  • Mike Stenger

    Thanks for sharing my take Allison. Was great interacting with you and everyone at BlogWorld!

  • Judy Helfand

    The video is great. I am so happy to have actually met you in person last week. We have shared a lot since you wrote your first Blog World blog post about Easy Bake Ovens. Remember? I think it was your first post for Blog World…maybe I am wrong.

    Here’s to your continued success with BWE!!!!

    P.S. I wrote about #BWE10 here BWE10 Chief Listening Officers Wanted


  • Rick Calvert

    Love the video Alli. It is so great to see people loving the show as much as we do. Thank you everyone for the feedback and the kind words.

  • Jordan Cooper

    Great video! I’m kind of impressed with myself that I didn’t curse even once on camera! 🙂

  • Katherine Salt

    Allison, that’s a great video. It was such a fun conference and the people I met were absolutely fantastic. Learnt so much can’t wait until next year!

  • Alli

    Glad you are all enjoying the video. BlogWorld meant a lot to me and I can’t wait until next year!

  • Marty McPadden

    Great video Allison. I really enjoyed seeing everyone sharing their insights about their Blog World experiences. I’ll definitely be back next year!!

  • Paula Lee Bright

    I adored your video! I saw so many people I’d met, as well as people whose gig I attended. Flashback!

    My blog is for the parents of kids who aren’t learning to read, for a variety of reasons. They’re having problems, or failing, or just haven’t seemed to grasp the concept of what reading is supposed to accomplish.

    The thing I learned most was from the ProBlogger guys. WOW! I attended 5 of their 6 presentations, because their instruction was right about at my level of understanding, then pushing the envelope.

    Oddly—that’s exactly how teaching reading works! Get the child to a comfortable point…then push the envelope a bit for new and greater understanding. So I guess my work as a teacher wasn’t really that different than my work as a teacher/blogger will be.

    Thanks, Alli. I’ll be back next year for sure, so just look for an ole lady with a huge bag on a handicap scooter…with an ice cooler in the basket along with tons of bottles of water and soda!

    Or, alternatively, an ole lady on a scooter who’s knocking over tables, crunching purses, and basically ruining the joint. But only a few bloggers were killed by my machinations, so…I count that as a WIN!

    ; )

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