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Protect Your Business: Visit CorpNet on the BlogWorld Show Floor


The show floor is filled with awesome exhibitors, but one less-flashing booth that you need to stop by is CorpNet. I talked to the founder Nellie Akalp earlier today, and she talked a little about what her business does and why it is so important for bloggers and others who run online businesses.

We all make mistakes. As bloggers, it is impossible to be right all the time, and some companies or individuals will not hesitate to take legal action against you if you do get something wrong. Sure, 99% of the time a quick email apology will remedy the situation, but sometimes, even if you’re legally in the right, someone may choose to sue you.

Did you know that they can go after your personal assets? If you don’t have a business set up, someone who sues you for something you write on your blog can take your car or house or other personal assets. What CorpNet does is separate your business assets and personal assets so you don’t have to worry about a rouge post on your site costing you your personal possessions.

This is a tool you need, hands down. If you’re making money online (or trying to make money online), your blog is a business, even if you’re the only employee. Check out the CorpNet booth to learn more.


  • Philip Akalp

    Alli: Nellie and Amanda (in the pic above) are more dedicated to helping small business owners than anyone I know. If we could clone these two ladies, the whole world would be incorporated! Thanks for stopping by their booth.

    –Phil Akalp
    CFO and Co-Founder Corpnet.com – a.k.a. Nellie’s husband 🙂

    • Alli

      You know, I can’t write about everything that I see at BlogWorld – it’s just impossible. But Nellie really did make an impression on me, perhaps in part because someone has threatened to sue me in the past. Hope Corpnet.com is having a great show!

  • Wendy

    Goodluck , you guys are the best! I hope the business and the show goes greatl!

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