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Monetization Super Panel: John Chow Ad-Free Blog But Still Make Money!


In this two hour super-session, monetization experts offered the secrets of their success! Led by Jim Kukral, the speakers included Anita Campbell, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, and John Chow.

John Chow showed us how to have an ad-free blog but still make money!

He started off by giving us a glimpse at the Average Blog Business Model:

  • Produce content. Add Google AdSense
  • This business model doesn’t work
  • It requires too much traffic
  • The ad rates are too low

The main issue – when someone clicks on an ad, they leave your blog!

John’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model that he uses on JohnChow.com:

  • Capture the lead!  Get the email first and foremost (RSS, Twitter, Facebook are secondary).  Get leads with free incentives and start the list from day one.  John obtains leads by collecting newsletter subscribers and encouraging people to purchase his Free Ebook via a one-time Lightbox Popup and the Ultimate Footer Ad.
  • Build the relationship.  Have an automatic auto responder and then set up a series of emails to send out as a tie in to your free incentive.  Establish trust by building yourself as an authority.
  • Put the lead through a sales funnel.  Find targeted products to recommend (could be your own products or affiliate products) … but recommend … DON’T SELL!


  • adityaputra

    heii,,nice to meet u jhon chow…i really like u about tips n trick how to make money online,,right now i’m make one blog about pregnancy..can u give me advice about make more trafic and get more money from adsense??thanks,,,sory my english not good.

  • Richard

    I’m wondering if for some blogs that might not want advertisers, if asking for donations might not be a bad idea? I’ve personally donated to sites I’ve gone to that IMO, offered something of value to me. I realize though that asking for donations might not yield the kind of return someone might be looking for.

  • peggy

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