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LIVESTRONG: “It’s About People”


Thursday’s closing keynote featured a topic that has affected nearly every single attendee (and all of you at home as well): Cancer. Rohit Bhargava sat down to chat with LIVESTRONG President and CEO and three-time cancer survivor Doug Ullman to learn more about the story behind the wristband – how this evolved from a cause to a movement.

Above all, one thing during the keynote stood out to me: “It’s about people.”

New media and blogging has become a way not only to promote LIVESTRONG and their message, but also a way for cancer survivors and family members affected by cancer to connect and tell their stories. At LIVESTRONG, they’ve used a new media to combine interaction and promotion with the personal side of this issue to create something much bigger than they thought it could ever be.

Something Doug said while talking about this really stuck with me:

“Where you’re an introvert or an extravert,  you can find your niche.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging about cancer or blogging about a totally unrelated topic – this stands true. A lot of us, myself included, have felt like we didn’t have a voice. Especially for the introvert, it is hard to stand up and speak about something, even in a small group. At the same time, extraverts something have a hard time getting their message across to people who are not so outgoing. Online, with new media, you can find “your people” so to speak.

I hope you got to check out Doug and Rohit’s keynote, either live of streaming on Ustream. If not, consider picking up a virtual ticket to BlogWorld.

Oh, and if you’re at BlogWorld? Find @PRsarahevans today to do a #beatcancer video interview.

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