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Scott Stratten at BlogWorld: People Spread Awesome


This year, BlogWorld’s opening keynote speaker was Scott Stratten, perhaps better known as the UnMarketing guy. It was one of the most entertaining keynotes I’ve ever seen, so I hope you got to check it out either in person or streaming live. If you didn’t, I’d like to share with you one of the most important take-away messages from Scott’s keynote:

“People don’t spread meh. People spread awesome…Blogging on a schedule makes me stabby.”

Bloggers are constantly told to blog often, and that keeping your blog consistently updated is the only way to connect with and keep readers. Hell, it’s advice that I’ve given people, and I do still think it holds true – your readers want to know what to expect from you.

At the same time, what Scott says makes sense. If you’re updating your blog with “meh” posts, who’s going to promote it? No one tweets out links that are mediocre. No one recommends blogs that are just ok. The Internet is filled with more crap than a single person can get through in ten lifetimes – they are only going to promote what they love.

And you lose them if you aren’t consistently writing passionate, amazing posts. Says Scott, “When you don’t blog awesome, you hurt your blog.” So what are you writing about on your blog? Do you update every day with “meh” posts? OR do you update less frequently with posts that you’re really proud to be publishing? Think about it – what really makes more sense? If you can write amazing posts daily, to do! But if you can’t…well, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your posting schedule.

“If your product sucks, social media makes it suck harder.”

What you see on social media sites is an amplification of your product (be it an actual product you’re selling or just you blog that you’re promoting). If your product sucks, people are likely going to complain. At the very least, people won’t promote you on social media, which is nearly as bad as negative feedback. Make a great product, and social media users will pick up on that and promote it. Again, people spread awesome.

Of course, there was way too much awesome-ness in Scott’s keynote to talk about it all here. If you missed it live, remember that you can get your virtual ticket to BlogWorld to see his keynote and all of the other awesome speakers lined up for the event.

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