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  • Jonathan

    Thanks so much for this helpful chart of steps. It helps me stay clear on what’s important for my readers.

  • Natalie Sisson

    Hi Rob

    I should have been there, Darren clearly rocked the room with all this great valuable advice. Thanks for the fab summary. I’m looking forward to attending from tomorrow onwards and meeting all these incredible bloggers.

    Natalie @womanzworld

  • Heather Todd

    darren is really a good advisor on blogging..

  • Nicole

    Very helpful information. I just had an epiphany about blogging in my own life, in that I have started blogs on many things but all were superficially created and too defined. This post just goes to show that its more about just being yourself and reaching other people who just want to be themselves. Its just about writing about what you feel passionate about and people will feed off that energy and follow. Thank you…you have supported my epiphany and proven I am not a wacko. lol

  • Bonnie

    Great advice and fabulous presentation- I think I absorbed it more than if I just read it, thanks for the laugh and awesome info Darren & Rob. (right foot on red RSS feed is still making me laugh)

  • Accountants London

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