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BlogWorld Partners With paper.li for Conference News From Our Speakers


At BlogWorld Expo 2010, paper.li is pleased to announce the release of new features built on top of a completely re-engineered service.

Following the runaway success of paper.li since this summer, we have been under great pressure to scale our service to meet the demand for personalized newspapers.

After 7 weeks of development, the relaunched service not only allows us to process a lot more papers on a daily basis, it also provides a sound base for additional features based on user feedback. The first of these new features are announced today:

  • Custom papers – papers can now be created based on a combination of users and complex Twitter queries. This is the first step to provide finer editorial control and the creation of more targeted papers. We are already working with Datasift to soon significantly extend this capability.
  • Customized update frequency – users can now specify how often a paper is updated. Daily, morning & evening, weekly, monthly – all possible. The update time can also be specified.
  • Paper archives – users now have access to previous editions of any paper. “paper.li is bringing “memory” to Twitter,” Brian Solis says. This archiving will soon be complemented by a powerful custom search per paper and its entire archive.
  • “Nomadic” papers – we have started experimenting with embedding papers across the web. The first examples are at BlogWorld Expo and macnews.de.

Check out the BlogWorld Conference News with feeds from all the BlogWorld 2010 speakers.

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